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Racism is such a crazy mental state. It depends on a myth to sustain it by rigging areas and rigging a nation artificially to reflect it. (i.e: Jim Crow /Redlining,etc) Also the myth is given the ILLUSION of credibility when bigots are… *Rigging unemployment upon Black men to force them into the underworld for an income where he eventually is arrested, housed and if released is stained with a record making denial of employment… worse… with the underworld option still waiting to trap him into another cycle into another sentence.

*Rigging higher interest in bank loans to Blacks for a home or business.

*Rigging school reading curriculum to reflect White fantasies of omnipotence and omniscience with the added selective intolerance and hostility to incidental Black student behavior no matter how common it is among the other children.

*Rigging the judicial system,

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