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Yep, it seems whatever the 100% controlled media shoves in the views faces about People of color, it seems their own is ten times worse.

They need to clean up their own neighborhoods instead of pointing their wrinkled ass fingers at us! Funny they used a fake story featuring a black guy to bring it out into the open for everyone to talk about it. But they gave it that ole “zombie” twist.

Remember, no blacks own any boats or submarines or airplanes that are ferrying this sh*t over here.filmtress en respuesta a filmtress (Mostrar el comentario) hace 8 horasGee, the reason we don’t hear about this is because the media constantly shoves the ‘inner city’ kids in the media when it comes to violent behavior.

The kid says he’s been using for at least two years! The counsellor says it’s been in the states at least 2004. CAN YOU F’ing BELIEVE THIS CRAP? The next time some racist jerk tell me that it’s blacks that commits the most crimes I’m going to point him/her to the world of bath salts, meth, PCP, Benedryl, Cocaine, CIA, & drug kingpins, poppyseeds.

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