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Well here we are its May 17th 2018 going on a year since the 1st publication of The White Mans Burden of lies and deceit and I can honestly say Bob and I are quite surprised by the overall success of the book which is available on

What moves us now more than before is the world wide awakening to the truth and like we said in the 1st book TRUTH always wins in the end and people for the most part know that somewhere in their heart of hearts that something isn’t right, doesn’t feel right and that their instincts are saying “wait a second buddy there’s something wrong”.

That something is the historical premise of White Superiority fabricated and constructed under a system of White Supremacy that says the White man and Woman are at the apex of civilization, that they created any and all civilizations of the past as well as the world religions and that they represent a culture, manners, mentality that screams WHITES are the best of the best of all the RACES on the planet and that OUR way of living, thinking and doing is and goes without question, the best.

But what if I were to tell you that this is all smoke and mirrors like the Great Wizard of Oz with all the pretensions of looking, sounding, and being all threatening, and all knowing but if you just take a minute to study, examine and JUST PULL BACK the curtain of lies and deceit you’ll find a scared little man filled with fear, hate,envy, and a strong need to try and prove his self worth by putting others down under a false sense of self based on a plethora of lies and deceit to control, abuse, and take the natural resources and land from the REAL INDIGENOUS people of the world the Black man and Woman.

Well in book 2 of this incredible and incredibly honest, straight forward and truthful book Bob and I are revealing and peeling back the layers of these lies and deceitful ways and manners of these people we call WHITE and exposing the real deal of how, what and why we are, and where we are as a country and world.

The system of White Supremacy is nothing more or less a system of hoping and wanting to be well BLACK. A people so despised, talked about, condemned, and hated world wide that you would think “Oh my who the hell wants to be a NEGRO”.

Well if the truth be told they do, hell a person who brags about what they did, and are doing from a historical perspective truly isn’t superior at all. Its a sign a psychologically debilitating, weak, demented, crazy, illogical, insane, deranged, self deprecating and delusional state of mind that’s in conflict with a deep seated hate/love of oneself and an emotionally disturbed person or people that are crying out for help more so than not and with in that cloud of self destruction lies a disheveled confused individual who JUST don’t know how they got in such a perilous state that the only way to deal with it is not with an honest view of the situation and a radical change of the mind but due to the deep seated self hate and the lies and deceit that they have told themselves for literally centuries have LOCKED themselves in the powerful JAWS of self loathing that they can only continue what they KNOW which are the lies of wanna be superior to everyone else that they cant see the deceit they are telling themselves and to their own DEMISE.

Such is the focus of The White Mans Burden of Lies and Deceit 2 in which we deal as much as possible the over arching state of mind of so called White People and their misguided, fabled, and archaic system of self destruction better known as White Supremacy in all of its forms economic, political and spiritual. It is our goal to be honest and deal with this so called White Man and Woman and their system of White Supremacy what it is, why it is and how to ultimately defeat it and replace it with a more moral, principled and JUST system of laws and overall behavior.

As we stated in book 1 there’s a willingness to try to do the right thing but I truly feel that somewhere with in the dark, molded, psychotically crazed mind of White people that their efforts if it at all exist, exist only as a phantom to make it look as though an effort is being done so as to quiet the restless souls of black and brown people not only in America but worldwide against this bulwark of evil that Whites just don’t want to give it up which only means they’ll have to give up their position in the world as the creme de la creme of all races (lmaoooo) and finally admit that it was all a sham to begin with and that they MUST face the man / woman in the mirror and come to grips with their own delusional fantasy which quite honestly is a hell of a drug to let go, but this is their problem an internal dialogue that THEY must resolve and as it stands now Bob and I believe it’ll never happen for it is just to much for them to deal with which ultimately like a metastatic cancer will slowly but fore surely DESTROY them in every way possible spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for this IS the fall out from EVIL it will destroy you ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS.

So sit back relax and enjoy part 2 of the world wide sensation and best seller of true history WMB The White Man’s Burden.

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