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whites are complicit

In my view the majority of white Americans are white nationalist. They are lovers of the genre white in all its forms.

They spend their days isolating themselves with all things white. Their lifestyle is based around the art of avoiding diversity, and denying the realities of racial injustice that our culture’s white supremacist idealogies are perpetuating. Some of them fight for the rich, the military, southern heritage, and Jesus. While others can be found fighting for women’s rights, LGBT rights, animal rights, the environment, and economic justice, but none of of them can be found fighting for racial justice. They are happy to be dismissive and apathetic to all people of color, while celebrating their “colorblindness”. Their notions of brown and black folks are based solely on racist stereotypes. They claim to love the earth and humanity, while silently watching their brown and black brothers and sisters die and suffer because of their own culture of white supremacy.

Truth is these folks are not just white nationalist, they are die-hard racist and they are white supremacy’s greatest life support, they are the essence of white supremacy. They are not free, they are miserable people living a great hypocritical lie, they can not be trusted because they are a walking breathing morally dead population. It’s almost 2018 and it’s still a tragic state of affairs racially with white America. As they say, the more things change the more things stay the fucking same.

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