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80-Year-Old Sperm-Vampire Sentenced To 120 Years In JailPosted by Cynical Brotha on 06/18/2012Posted in: Anti-Sexual, Homosexual, Murder, Pedophilia, Perversion, Rape, Terrorism, White Brutish Behavior. Tagged: Bergeron, Crime, District attorney, Lake Charles Louisiana, Louisiana, Plea, Sex and the law, Sex offender.

2 comments This Whitemarish beast from Louisiana was sentenced to 120 years in prison for sex offenses against juveniles that spans decades.Charles Bergeron was sentenced on Tuesday, June 13 by Judge Clayton Davis in a Lake Charles court room. He was originally charged with 76 counts of child sex crimes.

However, on April 17, 2012, Bergeron pleaded guilty to 25 various counts.Those charges include twelve counts of Indecent Behavior of a Juvenile (7 years for each count), twelve counts of Oral Sexual Battery (10 years on each count), and Second-Degree Sexual Battery (15 years).Bergeron’s M.O., it seems, would be to invite young boys to his home, intoxicate them with alcohol and/or drugs until they’d passed out, and then perform oral sex on them.

“He said he told them that he was an old man and needed testosterone … needed their semen to live, basically,”Now that’s fucked up! Only a “white” male can come up with that type of faggotry. Extracting semen from the penis of a heavily-drugged child? WTF?!! The cum-craving vampire has an extensive criminal history regarding child sex crimes. His first arrest was in 1975. By 2008 he had been arrested an additional 15 times for similar crimes against juveniles.

That same year he was charged with a total of 50 counts of sex crimes against children. His bond was set at $9.5 million.Bergeron’s victims are said to range in age from young children to teenagers, both male and female.In 2011 he was arrested for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender and waived the right to a trial by jury. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, for which he is currently serving a sentence.We’re told additional victims continue to come forward alleging abuse by the cum-swallowing demon. Victims of sexual crimes have 30 years after their 18th birthday to report incidents to law enforcement.Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Guillory prosecuted the case.As usual the “white” media doesn’t reveal the racial classification of the victims. I just hope they were all “white”.

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