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white wealth

The resulting wealth that was accumulated by whites in the early part of the 20th century and thruout the and after the wars especially WW2 brought in influx of needed residential homes in which the federal government gave the green light to rediential developer to segregate the homes and to keep the areas White and from selling and or renting such homes to Af American buyers and renters.

With such an ominous sledge hammer of injustice gave way to alot of whites creating generational wealth whereas for Black people it created a damning case of rat and roach infested communities that were crammed via ZONING laws that allowed dangerous chemical and industrial waste plants being let into the Af American community whilst the same white communities were safe guarded from such practices.

This lead ultimately to shoddy homes being built in the Af American community that didnt have the benefit of a FHA VA home loan that guaranteed homes to be built well and sustained the community with communal pools and parks for kids as well as recreational Hubs and centers for adults.

Such a legacy was allowed and permitted by federal state and local governments to be written into the covenants of real estate developers who were BEING FINANCED by the Federal government ITSELF.

Such FHA and VA loans guranteed developers that the money will be present as they criss crossed the land scape of America developing URBAN centers for whites that were pristine and well built while making sure the CREATION of SLUMS and over crowding real estate areas for Blacks were delapidated, run down and didnt have the upkeep that was afforded by whites in terms of the local city and municipality involvement to keep the streets clean and garbage picked up.

Such lack of care was prevalent thruout the black commmunities due in part to lack of political clout that the buffering MIDDLE CLASS gave to the projects like cabrini green and robert taylor homes et al.

When the Middle Class buffer was gone and those residents moved to greener pastures of new homes that they COULD AFFORD left the underclass blacks to fend for themselves and therefore created the devestating economic disadvantage that lead to crime, poor education etc in those areas and areas similar around the country.

Purely and foresuredly our Politicians were complicit in the destruction of Black wealth thruout america and must be held accountable for it especially the blk wall street areas, properties taken and were never given back nor compensated.

My people we are in an economic war as well as political one we must get our weight up and make these blk leaders held accountable thruout the political process in making sure we get the services DUE us as well as fighting and LOBBYING for our cause and our CAUSE only fuck everybody else UNITED WE STAND and/but DIVIDED WE FALL and stay in the shit hole.

Two weeks after the Court announced its decision, FHA commissioner Franklin D. Richards stated that the Shelley decision would “in no way affect the programs of this agency,” which would make “no change in our basic concepts or procedures.” Richards added that it was not “the policy of the Government to require private individuals to give up their right to dispose of their property as they [see] fit, as a condition of receiving the benefits of the National Housing Act.

This was all done by design. Their system is not built for us and we were never suppose to be a part of it because we are Indigenous to the land. At every turn they have created programs to bring in immigrants from Europe to occupy land, the best land. The lands that we were forced on are prison camps because we are prisoners of war. Until we start looking at it for what it is, this will continue. We don’t need them to include us into any of their programs, because all of this land is ours. They are the invaders who own NOTHING…..WW2 was the come up for their previous poor immagrant Europeans who’s ancestors were the first slaves on this land. That entire war was to crave up land territories around this planet…

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