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white supremacy threat

White Supremacy threat the TRUTH

Documentary about dark-skinned ‘first Swedes’ sparks horror on Twitter Published time: 18 Feb, 2019 17:59 Edited time: 19 Feb, 2019 08:44 Get short URL © SVT An ad for an upcoming documentary about ‘The First Swedes,’ who were dark-skinned and blue eyed, has prompted fear and denial on Twitter. The series will start to air on Swedish television this Wednesday, and when channel SVT began promoting it last week, some people reacted on social media with disbelief and anger. The documentary will look at DNA technology which has revealed more about how Sweden was populated after the Ice Age and detailing how the first pioneers in the country were dark-skinned with blue eyes and came from the south. Möt de första svenskarna – SVT Nyheter — Strimlaren (@StyggeStigge14) February 16, 2019 Another population of people who had paler skin and a variety of eye and hair colors arrived around the same time from the east. The two peoples are thought to have mixed fairly quickly, and Nordic people eventually became lighter skinned, allowing them to increase their vitamin D production to survive in the dark winters. Some Twitter users took the information advertised in the documentary as some sort of conspiracy aimed at making people more open to immigration. “Indoctrination continues,” one said. Ikväll gjordes reklam på SVT för faktaserien “De första svenskarna” som har premiär om några dagar. De som kom efter istiden för ca 10 000 år sedan alltså. Några av dem var tydligen mörka med blå ögon. Indoktrineringen fortsätter. Såklart det var afrikaner som kom! — Ointressanta Statusuppdateringar (röstar AfS) (@OintressantaS) February 14, 2019 Not as ignorant as those whom Stick their heads in the sand whilst allowing history, culture and heritage to be falsely rewritten to fit some global agenda. Our children’s children will be educated on lies!

— Darryn Cockaday (@Darryn1972) February 15, 2019 Others were quick to challenge the skepticism. You’re supposed to be Swedish, and a journalist? You’ve got to be kidding! You think the first Swedes were Vikings?! Really?! — 𝕴𝖆𝖓 𝕱𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖘𝖘 (@ianfurniss) February 16, 2019 One person joked it was simply impossible, as his ancestors were “frozen in the ice sheet” before it melted. Inte en chans! Mina förfäder låg frysta i inlandsisen när den smälte. — L-J Hallgren (@LJHallgren) February 15, 2019 — Carl Af Finspång (@CarlAfFinspang) February 17, 2019 I tried to find images from that show “The First Swedes,” and the first results were all literal Nazi sites ranting about how mad they were that it (accurately, I should say) depicted the first Swedes as blue eyed, black haired, and dark skinned. — HONEYBEAR (@HoneyBear_Amber) February 17, 2019

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