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white supremacy

White supremacy is a hellva drug and it will fuck your shit up!

I believe Kavanaugh was confirmed for the same reason we have a psychotic white supremacist in the white house. In Amerikkka no matter how corrupt, racist, amoral, misogynistic, or no matter how many women you have attacked, you get a pass if you are a white man. Imagine just for a moment if Obama had of been accused of just one of 1000 things Trump has been…

Karma is coming for the white man. White racist America was so desperate to have a white supremacist in office after a black president that they may have very well fucked themselves for the last time with the orange beast they installed. Karma is coming the white population in America is declining they know it that’s why this great push to turn things back is happening nature is having a part in the decimation of white people because the stats on the production of semen has declined greatly in white American men. That’s a medical fact. So even nature knows they’re on the way out and is aiding in that

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