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white savages

THE WOODWOSE—wild man of the woods—so called white savages & slaves (Slavs)

The word ‘savage’ comes from the Latin ‘silvaticus’ meaning ‘of the woods’

This is where the wild man or ‘woodwose’ lived...

The Oxford dictionary describes the woodwose as a term going back to the 11th century, ‘a wild man of the woods; a savage; a satyr; a faun’

Now, the oldest information about Slavs comes from Herodotus, the Greek historian from the 5th century BC:—

“There is a wooden town called Gelon on their land. Town wall is very high and all wooden. Houses and temples are also made from wood”

“The Slavs lived in dense forests just as the Volga Bulgars did”


(Muslim Sources on the Magyars in the Second Half of the 9th Century)

“The Eastern Slavs lived in separate groups scattered through woods and marshes”


(Readings in Russian History Volumes 1-2)

“The Slavs lived in mud huts and cabins. They had settlements in the form of villages of the dispersed type and they frequently changed their place of stay. The villages of the Slavs and the Anti were situated near forests”


(From the Past of the Macedonian People)

“Surrounded by vast areas of forest, the early Slavs built exclusively in wood”


(Encyclopedia of World Art

Volume 13)

“They [Slavs] live in deep woods and in fields; forests, fields and meadows are the realm over which they rule”


(The Mythology of All Races

Volume 3)

“They [Slavs] live in the woods on the edge of the swamps. Pitiable in their belief and disgusting in their morals, they are barbarous and savage people without knowledge of God”


(The Life of Saint Andrew Bobola of the Society of Jesus, Martyr)

As the name implies, the main characteristic of the wild man is his wildness...

Civilized people, i.e, the so called black ruling class nobility, regarded wild men (So called white Slavs / slaves) as beings of the wilderness, the antithesis of civilization...

The term ‘slave’ and the word ‘slav’ have the same origin...

It’s a term that comes from the medieval time period when so called whites were known as a Slavs (slaves)

His job was to work the fields for his so called black overlord...

So called whites were in very low estates during the medieval time period, and they were ruled over by so called blacks (Lords of the Manor

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