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White riots

WHITE RACE RIOTSIN AMERICABy Dr. Gregory E. Brown, Director, BHS Inc. Between 1824 and 1951 there were over 300 events classified as “White Race Riots” in which entire white communities turned on and destroyed entire Black communities and murdered Blacks in mass.

There were 26 such major events and hundreds of smaller ones in major cities and towns across the US during the summer of 1919 alone. This period has been tagged by historians as “The Red Summer of 1919”, because many of the events happened from May to October of that year and the blood of their victims literally painted the streets of America. That year, tens of thousands of Black Americans were killed, maimed and 375,000 were made refugees, though never being given refugee status, all for economic, social, political and other reasons both real and imaginary.

They even killed Blacks for recreation activities in rural areas in events called “Friday Night Boot Burnings” (the burning of a Black man at a stake or bonfire) or ” Picnic” (a slang term for pick a nigger for lynching} Lynching became a common weekly event to kill the monotony of rural life.

It was not uncommon for whites to eat, drink, dance and sing church songs as they created a sadistic festive atmosphere, while their victims suffered from torture. White men, men women and children all participated in what was best described by Ida B. Wells-Barnett as ” An orgy of murder and mayhem.”

Many times whites massacred based purely on perceived notions and paranoia, such as in Helena and Phillips, Arkansas in 1919. The white landowners envisioned a Black union meetings was an organized uprising and Negros were planning to kill whites in mass at some future date.

The reality was the Black farmers, sharecroppers’ and farm workers held a meeting after forming a union to demand a fair accounting from the whites on their sharecropper accounts, after being cheated for years.

They were armed and had no intention of disarming because of what happened in East St. Louis in 1917. When the sheriff attempted to serve a warrant as a pretext to investigating the union meeting, a gun fight ensued and the sheriff was killed and other whites were wounded.

The white landowners feeling depraved, feared a great financial loss and with bloodlust in their hearts over their dead friends, they hunted Blacks like dogs through the woods and killed 25 to 125 Blacks early in the manhunt. The best official death count came to 854. No on knows the actual number because of how the bodies were treated and disposed of. They wounded many hundreds more and caused every Black citizen in every surrounding county to flee for their lives too. Today, Blacks in Helena and Phillips County are now planning to seek reparations for their ordeal.

They mage it perfectly clear, If you had a Black skin, you had two choices. You were either dead, or moving. Floaters (dead bodies in the river) were popping up daily for weeks after the riot was over. Again the national guard was called and again they joined the white rioters.

During the Red Summer Riots of 1919, a common characteristic in every case was the Black American was alone and helpless when it came to protecting or defending himself and his community. Many had assumed then, as we do now, that our government is supposed to protect us from invaders from within our borders and from foreign nations. THEY WERE DEAD WRONG! After studying White Race Riots, collecting relics’, investigating reports, reading hundreds of newspaper reports and first hand testimonials, I have determined based on the circumstances that Black Americans must protect and defend themselves from their countrymen.

This assumption is based on the following findings:

1. No government military branches where there to protect them. The National Guardsmen would join the rioters and shoot Blacks too. Many just looked the other way because they hated “niggers” too. Or they came in time to put out fires, mostly in the white sections of town, or white owned rental properties in the Black neighborhood only.

2. The Police joined or aided the white rioters. Deputized white Policemen burned out women and children and used them for target practice, for sport and wager, as they threw them back into the flames that they attempted to escape. Police disarmed Blacks and stud back to let the white rioters do what they wanted without fear of justice or the law. In the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, police flew airplanes and dropped nitroglycerin and dynamite on 600 Black businesses, burned 1500 homes and destroyed a 35 square block area of the Black community of Tulsa also known as the Greenwood District. It was so prosperous it was nationally known as Black Wall Street. The riot was intended to put Blacks back in their place.

3. The American Legion and the KKK and white military veterans and fraternal organizations offered their services in tracking down and killing Blacks. They often lead in mobs and initiated the riddling of many of their Black victims. ROTC cadets assisted in hunting, dragging, burning, killing and maiming during post war times.

4. In all cases not one white person was ever convicted of murdering a Black person regardless of how horrible their crimes. Hate was part of the fabric of white American society. They protected their “Supreme” status at all cost. Blacks had no value and no souls. Blacks had no rights. Blacks weren’t people and in political discussions Blacks existence was referred to as the “negro question”. To the average whites ALL Blacks were niggers. In 1920 2 out of 10 whites in America were members of the KKK. Blacks were de-humanized so whites could commit any heinous act without guilt and with impunity. It’s hard to kill one of Gods human beings, but easy to kill a thousand niggers.

5. In Detroit 1943, 4300 Federal Troops wounded 2500 Blacks after the last of the great white race riots. Police, local whites, National Guard and Federal troops turned on Black Detroit. Blacks were beaten openly in public by literally thousands of whites chasing and beating them while police searched and disarmed them to make them easy prey. The Detroit Police Department participated in many murders and freely participated in mayhem towards Blacks. Every Black person in sight was searched and even their pocket knives were removed. Then they were left to the white rioters who in turn, maimed or murdered a totally defenseless victim. Police were rerouting Blacks in motor vehicles to dead ends where white rioters where waiting to beat and murder them. Many Blacks had placed their faith in the hands of Police for protection, only to have that trust betrayed, and their lives exterminated.

6. The methods of murders in white race riots were similar in each case, which included but not limited to: Lynching, burning, castration, stoning, bullet riddling, just plain shot, dragged in the street, drowned, beat, punched, hit with assorted objects, heads split with an axe and more than can be imagined by any ungodly person. It was common for a single Black victim to incur all of the above forms of punishment from his fellow American. Bodies have been subjected to this type of treatment with as many as 100 plus individual whites to 1 Black victim. Many bodies were reported to be punished for hours after the victim was already dead.

7. They became merchants of the macabre as they cut up the victims bodies into parts for resale as, souvenirs, mementos, and mantle pieces. Black victims had hearts, lips, ears, fingers, spleen, liver, lungs, intestines, penis, hands, heads, scrotum and all other body parts and even the Black fetus was not spared.

A poor Black pregnant woman Mary Turner in Georgia, had her unborn child cut from her womb as she burned at the stake. While she was inflamed a white man stepped from the crowd, slit her stomach with his pocket knife, and when the fetus fell to the ground, he stomped it and said “One less nigger”. Thousands of curbside spectators slapped their knees as they laughed in amusement. Mary’s crime: She had disputed the word of a white man that falsely accused her husband of murdering a white man in a dispute over money owed him by the white man. A shoot out ensued. The white man died in what otherwise was a fair fight.

For her protest after they lynched her husband before her eyes, they tied her to a tree, poured gas on her, oil and set her on fire. After she writhed silently in the flames in defiance of the “mad and hungry dogs”, she was doused a second time as white children danced and chanted in song and rhyme.

In the terms of property damage. Whole city blocks in Black communities have been burned to the ground and many Black property owners had to abandon their homes while running for dear life, with only the cloths on their backs, if they were lucky enough to live through home invasions, hails of bullets, and fire bombs during the initial attack.

Many of the aftermaths resemble ground zero of a nuclear blast. In the Tulsa riot, you could see from one end of the Black business district, and see clear to the opposite side without the obstruction of your view by any physical objects. The land was totally leveled for 3 miles through Black Tulsa.

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