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White men the real Isis terrorist

This recent shooting that has taken place in Las Vegas has only served as a constant reminder of the White on White crime and terrorist acts that are the HALL MARK of White men’s action in America and around the world.

It has now been touted that this act by Stephen Paddock was an aberration, a mental break down, an unusual occurrence from a quiet all American dad pffft but wait a second if he was Black or Latino or even a Muslim he’d

a been labeled a thug, terrorist or something the mass media would salivate for days over like they did the 5 guys from Brooklyn accused of raping a White Woman and sent to prison for more than a decade on flimsy evidence.

But this guy Paddock wasn’t deranged, crazy or simply lost his mind temporarily HE WAS A TERRORIST nothing less and a whole lot more.

At some point White people must come to grip with their own kinds antisocial and terroristic mentality ie the KKK, Neo Nazi groups that have a penchant to do wtf they feel like doing without fear of retribution and police interference.

Such nonchalant attitude smells and has a hint of false PRIDE and as the moral goes Pride comes before the fall and quite frankly White people can’t see the writing on the wall to their ultimate end and terminal destruction.

Hands down white men are the worlds terrorist not the hero’s they try to put forth on tv. They invaded raped, pillaged and have committed genocide against whites and non whites unchecked for 400 years.

How dare they try to claim ancient Black civilizations where human life mattered women were treated equally and we had 0 use for jails and prisons as we did not even have the word in our language.

But some how these genetically predisposed and naturally violent criminals have the nerve to even suggest they are the epitome of whats GODLY and Just for the world to follow.

Not only are whites killing themselves via suicide 50 times higher than people of color put together but are the worst drug addicts and sellers of drugs as well as the number one rapist, pedophiles, murderers, gang related violent repeat offenders in the world.

These FACTS are undisputed worldwide and can be googled to verify them as well with out going into detail here in this blog post.

This one important piece of history tell it all in a nut shell that whites have been stealing since day one and have the nerves to call us LAZY and SHIFTLESS well goddamn hahahah.

The worst Massacre was against Black Wall Street in which 300 plus successful hardworking and industrious black people were killed and there rightful land ownership was improperly and illegally taken by whites who till this day have ownership of the land and not to mention all the lands of the Americas.

Truly the the real natives of this great country of whom were living here for over 25k yrs are the true bringers of civilization to these troglodyte yet and still uncivilized beast of burden that have as of yet acted like a civilized human towards their fellow man let alone their so called own.

So the bottom line to all this YOU REAP what the FUCK you SOW and foresuredly that day has arrived.

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