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Lena Dunham Says Extinction of White Men Will Lead to Better Men

Lena Dunham Says Extinction of White Men Will Lead to Better Men

Lena Dunham posted a bizarre video on Twitter with her father, Carroll Dunham, supporting extinction of white males.

It’s not the end of men, it’s the evolution of men into better men. (beautiful animation by Sophie Koko Gate!) — Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) November 2, 2016

In the video, she asked her father, “How are you feeling about the extinction of white men?”

Her father responded, “Well white men are a problem. Straight white men are a big problem, that’s for sure.”

Dunham claims that the extinction of white men will lead to the evolution of better men.

According to Carroll, “straight white guys have been screwing things up for long enough. High time for straight white males to step back and let some other people do it.”

Both express pleasure in the strange idea of white men’s extinction.

It has become a rule of thumb to not pay attention to Lena for some time now. However, it’s quite strange how liberals give her a pass on her blatant racism and sexism. A while ago she was called out for going after New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. after she claimed he ignored her.

The liberal media brigade was quick to dismiss her, because according to them, Lena was projecting a stereotype of black men, which portrays them as aggressive and womanizing.

Dunham even issued an apology and blamed it on her insecurities as a less feminine celebrity in Hollywood.

Why is she not being called out now for this or her other Twitter posts against white males? The double standard in the media is blatant and intentionally oblivious to bigotry towards white men.

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