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White Inferiority

White Supremecy, white tendency of disrespecting our black people even in where they live, thats what i have witnessed, i showed my radicalism tendency to make sure for now we deferred it. At least we have send the strong message that EFF its here to stay. In Wolmarans Joburg CBD there is a marathon of white people and all the streets that linked to Wolmarans where our black peoples use were locked down. And what i told the Officials who are busy protecting agenda of white supremacy that, you have stopped the whole joburg to protect the white people while the native people of this land you have stopped all of them, as Twist street, claim and all other street inter-linked with Wolmarans are locked down. What they told me is that they are just doing their job. The truth is that almost of people who were driving in Joburg today were black people, who were stopped in all those streets i have mentioned from above and the reason of being stopped was that, white people should do their marathon without been interrupted by the black people and that cannot be right, this system need to be corrected. I with the other Fighters we enforced that the taxis and cars of our black people should be allowed to pass as they have waited for almost 2hours so the white people can have their marathon in peace. Those white people who stays in Sandton, if you black people decided to have a marathon in Sandton the way they were doing in Wolmarans street, you were not going to be allowed to have such marathon. Our people listened to us, when we say that this is your road and you cannot wait for white people have their marathon as you dont know when they will finish their marathon, as what we were saying was making sense and they pass by force and nobody did any thing. We cannot longer allow this system in place to undermine our people even where they are staying and we will fight it until we abolish it as thats what we are here for, to fight any capitalism, white supremacy and imperialism system.

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