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white guilt

This is what a white man just wrote to us on our BLACK ROOT Science page:

”'”Hello, I am a white male who is coming to terms with the fact that all my ancestors were rapists, scumbags and over all idiots who haven’t amounted to anything good other than stealing off of the culture of the original man, the black man. I hate having to look in the mirror every day as my blonde hair and blue eyes serve as a constant reminder of the hate, crime and destruction brought a by my people and I can’t help but even tear up a bit when I think of how much my white race has leached off the black race and hindered there progress for hundreds of years, this is why I felt compelled to send this message, I just can’t have it any more. What can I do to help wake my people up so they take responsibility for there wrong doings instead of holding back black people any more? Yours sincerely, Someone who’s ready to wake up “”

Your thoughts family????”

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