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white chumpion

Notice how they had to quickly find one of their "champion" to take the title from him. The idea that a black man could do better was problematic and it still is.

Sometimes the struggle we go through is just an emotional reaction against the truth. It's about other people's insecurities. Nothing to do with us. It's about people wanting to put us back to what they fantasize about being "our place". That's why many Africans still struggle to understand why they go through all this.

This type of behaviors are very common among narcissistic individuals. Their delusional beliefs push them to extreme behaviors.

They are willing to manipulate reality or harm people just to fool the world but especially to fool themselves. That's why the game is rigged or why some people are outcasted to prevent them from outshining the oppressors. They choose who deserve to be under the spotlight and who doesn't. Otherwise, the truth would prevail and they don't want that.

It is important to understand that nobody cares about their image like the oppressors. Because their whole existence is based on lies. We talk about caring about the African image but the oppressors have mastered that art. They led it to heights that had never been reached before.

The worst thing that could happen is that their targets wake up from that sleep and realize it's just a cheap trick.

That's why they constantly watch everybody, trying to control what people think about themselves. They do everything they can to control people's perception of reality. It's the way to lower their frequencies.

Notice how they banned the exhibition of the images. The same thing happened to Cheick Anta Diop in Cairo when he defeated western scholars. Nothing has ever been published.

To control a people, you must first control what they think about themselves and their perception of reality.

This is why sometimes to us winning means more than money and fame. Do it to break the cycle.

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