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White boys old n young

White boys are the biggest problem with this country.

– according to the FBI, 80% of pedophiles are white boys, 66.2 % of Violent Rapes, 62.9% Aggravated Assaults, 72.4% of Sex Offenses, the list goes on and on

– over 75% of terror attempts are committed by white boys even though they love playing the mental illness card which keeps most of their attacks from being labeled as terrorism – whites love playing the Chicago card when 70% of the 44,000 annual suicides are committed by white boys. whites as a whole make up roughly 40,000 suicides and are the only race to die more than they breed year over year. – “America’s opioid problem” is really WHITES’ opioid problem. when whites have these fucked up culture issues, the media headlines label it as “america’s” issue, but they have no problem announcing race in the headline when it’s black people!!!!

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