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No MORE LIES- SO CALLED “AFRICAN AMERICANS” ARE NOT AFRICAN, AND WE ARE NOT FROM AFRICA* The jig is up! So-called “African-Americans” in this country are not African at all. Approximately 80-85% of us are actually descendants of the Original Hebrew Israelites that are spoken of In The Old Testament. and they have been lying to us about our TRUE identity and where we REALLY come from ever since our ancestors were brought over here to America via the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

And we’ve been having an IDENTITY CRISIS EVER SINCE. So-called African Americans” in this country are the only people who don’t know who we really are or where we are REALLY from. They TOLD US we were from Africa, and we believed everything they told and “taught” us. We weren’t “Stolen from Africa” neither are we descendants of Ham, those are more bold faced lies we were force fed to believe all these years. And guess what? OUR DNA/BLOOD PROVES IT! We are descendants of Shem not Ham, which means we are SEMITIC, yes, we are the TRUE JEWS of Israel.

The so-called “African American” and the people of Africa are NOT the same people! The West Africans SOLD our people (Hebrew Israelites) into slavery to the Europeans. Didn’t no Europeans come into the jungles of Africa stealing black people, that was a great story line for the movie ROOTS, here’s the thing though, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Externally, the only thing we share with Hamitic Africans is SKIN COLOR because we look NOTHING ALIKE! But internally, our DNA is NOT the same, and we are NOT the same people or from the same NATION. This would explain much of the hostility Africans had and continue to have for so-called “African Americans” to this day, THEY KNEW WHO WE WERE, SAME AS THE ARABS, and why it was so easy for them to sell us (not their people) into slavery, because there was no love or intimate connection between them and us.

All these years many of us have been fighting and trying to “represent” for cultures that are NOT ours. Many of the Africans actually laugh at us thinking we are African! What history doesn’t teach and what’s been kept hidden all these years is that our REAL people (The Hebrew Israelites) fled or was captured by Arab Muslims and sold, to mostly West Africans, where we started tribes there (THIS IS WHY 80% OF OUR DNA IS TRACED TO THOSE TRIBES IN WEST AFRICA, but that’s NOT where we ORIGINATED! Our DNA proves that we originated in ISRAEL not Africa or Egypt because no other people in Africa possesses OUR DNA, which means, WE ORIGINATED FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE IN AFRICA-THE MIDDLE EAST!).

The Africans are the ones who captured and conquered The Hebrews and sold our forefathers into slavery. We are the Children of Israel spoken about in The Old Testament. Our enslavement here in America was Prophesied in the Book of Deuteronomy as a curse by THE MOST HIGH because we refused to keep HIS laws and commandments. I included a Chilling confession from an African on who we REALLY are, what they did and how they feel about us, all I can say is WHOA!!! What’s really crazy is that pretty much everyone knows and knew who we REALLY are except us! They actually teach the history of how the Hebrew Israelites were SOLD into slavery in America. And the Muslim Arabs, who captured many of the Hebrews and sold them in West Africa, referred to them as “Yahoodie” which is a bastardization of Judah for Tribe of Judah or “The People of the Book” who were cursed by GOD (YAH) to go into slavery because we constantly disobeyed GOD (YAH), worshiped other gods, didn’t keep his laws and commandments. (Deuteronomy 28 breaks down who we are and what our Hebrew ancestors went through to the letter). No more lies Fam….You, yes YOU, are a Hebrew Israelite. You’re not African, and that’s not where our descendants originated from. WE ARE ONE OF THE LONG LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL and our original language was HEBREW!

The European Jews with the long beards and funny hats, that occupy Israel today are IMPOSTERS and a fake! They are NOT Hebrew Israelites By BLOOD and DNA has already EXPOSED them for who they REALLY are. They are NOT GOD’S “Chosen People”, not from the seed of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, and their history in Israel started in 1948, after ex President Harry Truman was given a $2 million Dollar gift by Zionist Jews to recognize Israel as a state. After that is when all those European Jews from over in Poland, Germany, etc…started coming over in droves, essentially MOVING In to Israel. Thank GOD for DNA, because it is uncovering THE TRUTH, finally. Those “Jews” are from Khazarian Region and are considered Ashkenazi Jews, or European in stock.

They’re from Turkey, Russia, North Caucasus Region, and are NOT The Jews spoken of in The Bible! They CONVERTED to Judaism in the 8th century. Think GOD (THE MOST HIGH) doesn’t know that and don’t believe me? Check out what GOD said in Revelation: Revelation 2:9

” I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

The truth is, many of them are actually atheist, do not accept Christ as the Messiah and have zero respect for him, that’s how we FURTHER know they are FAKE and not Hebrew Israelites! Cause Yahushua said in John 10:4-5 ‘My sheep KNOW my voice and a stranger they will not follow’ pass along

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