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what did the moors look like

THIS IS WHAT THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS & MOORS REALLY LOOKED LIKE “The earliest Middle Palaeolithic assemblages of the Egyptian Nile Valley are similar to those that were made in Middle Stone Age industries of sub-Saharan Africa (Van Peer et al. 2003)”

SOURCE; “The men of Egypt are mostly Brown or Black with a skinny desiccated look” —Ammiuanus Marcellinus SOURCE; (G. Mokhtar, ‘International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africa’; 1981) “The Egyptians, though healthy, large and robust were clumsy in their forms and course in their features. Like other African tribes they were woolly haired, flat-nosed and thick lipped, and IF NOT ABSOLUTELY BLACK WERE VERY NEAR IT IN COLOR.” SOURCE; (T. Bensley for T. Payne and J. White, ‘Specimens of Ancient Sculpture, Aegyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman, Society of Dilettanti’, Vol 1) There is probably surprise that real Egyptians look as they do, this is certainly not what you see in the so called White mans books, television programs, and movies… That is because the so called White mans media is merely a tool, or weapon, in the so called White mans vendetta against so called Blacks… His media shows the creators of the worlds great civilizations as so called whites, or at the very least, the mixed race people who currently inhabit those lands—but never as the so called Blacks that they truly were… In the case of Egypt, most "mixed race" and all so called White Egyptians, live in the large cities of Egypt… Therefore the so called White man very skillfully uses his media to show the world only those, or what he wants it to see… Thus all that he will show you, is the so called Whites and "mixed race" people of Egypt… But this is also true the world over, though so called Blacks are the most ancient inhabitants of lands the world over, the so called White man will rarely show so called Blacks of any consequence, anywhere outside of Sub-Sahara Africa that is… The so called White man seems to have some deep-seated need to portray the world, and to see the world, as full of his own kind… The so called White man has gone to great lengths to lie about, and to denigrate so called Blacks… So called whites view history as merely an opportunity to propagandize themselves as important, involved participants, and shapers of history... Thus they have made themselves ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Berbers, and European nobility... And in situations were they cannot FAKE participation, they will cavalierly make stuff up - including images or portraiture... These people have become so used to their delusional history stories, that they have come to truly believe them... This fabricated concept of themselves, is obviously so satisfying, and so ingrained, that it has become delusional... All over the former civilized ancient world, the current so called white occupiers and their mulattoes, quadroons and octoroons, claim to be the descendants of the original so called Black inhabitants... Further still, they claim that the original so called Black people were in fact, just like them—Whites, mulattoes, quadroons, and octoroons… But most incredibly, in places where there are still so called Black descendants of the so called Black ancients—they teach them that they were brought there as slaves! Clearly so called whites have a predisposition to delusion, fantasy, and lying... All of these machinations over Egyptian Color/Race/identity, came about because the current occupiers of Egypt—the Turk mulattoes, quadroons, octoroons, and so called whites, all desire to interject themselves into the purely so called Black dynastic history of Egypt… With the fall of dynastic Egypt, many foreign powers ruled over Egypt… Today, all over the former Ottoman Empire: we have the Mulattoes, quadroons, and octoroons of the Turks who ruled over Egypt and the other countries for more than 1,100 years, taking over when the Ottoman Empire was disbanded after World War I… All over the former so called black lands, which were melded into the Ottoman Empire, the native so called Blacks were marginalized and relegated to the periphery… In many of these countries, like Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, cruelly, the native so called Blacks have been taught that they were brought there as Slaves, having lost their history, they do not know any better… But in the Egypt of the Ottoman Empire (during so called white Turk rule) so called Blacks were a common sight all over Egypt, and in Egyptian cities too… The so called white and "Mixed-race" people of the Middle East and North Africa, invariably identify themselves as Berber, Arab, Egyptian or Persian—which of course, they are not, they are mainly Turkish… How refreshing then, to find a Middle Eastern organization that is comfortable acknowledging their true Turkish identity… Please visit the "Iran Chamber Society's" site page on the "Islamic Conquest". Today, the official name of Kemet/Egypt is: THE "ARAB" REPUBLIC OF EGYPT! Clearly the Turk mulattoes currently ruling Egypt are trying to break all ties with Africa and so called Blacks, while forging a common identity with the other Turk mulattoes, quadroons and octoroons of North Africa, Arabia, and the middle East… Note that now under Turk mulatto, quadroon, and octoroon rule, so called Blacks are rarely to be found in photos of people in Egyptian cities…

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