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weather beaten????!!!!

Despite these etymological facts, these people cling to’s (a site founded in 2008) 21st century definition of Swarthy, which is—“weather beaten and darkened by the sun, or has an olive complexion”

This way—they are able to assert that swarthy denoted a so called white man with a tan, and thus, all of those 17th and 18th century firsthand historical accounts that are describing European kings as swarthy, are really describing “weather beaten” so called whites… Wether this is because of stupidity or laziness I do not know… “Weather beaten” so called white royals and nobles with dark tans in Northern and western Europe??? Weather beaten = having skin that is lined and tanned or reddened through prolonged time spent outdoors… So, according to these people, the so called white nobility willingly spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, unshielded and unprotected, from the BRUTAL and intense UV rays in Northern and western Europe, which resulted in them having dark tans, even though their portraits depict them all as having ghastly pale faces…

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