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we won a long time ago

You know what ticks me off more than anything else its pure greed and ignorance of facts.

Listen Ill be 46 yrs old this December and I am here to tell you that I am very disturbed, upset, mad, angry I can go on and on and on about our So Called civil rights leaders who have done nothing for us but lie, and steal money and placing themselves in the history book of lies and deceit.

The Civil Rights bill that supposedly became law as per the signature of President Lyndon B. Johnson is a fraud a sad attempt to limit the expectations and wants of Our people in respect to their housing, voting and other rights that was already given over 140 yrs ago.

I can hear you now saying “Huhhhhhh”, listen there are 2 Civil Rights Bills the phony one of 1964 with its weak ass side kick the FHA act and the original one of 1866 that has all the power and might of Federal Jurisdiction needed to do the job and to help our people with any crime and misdemeanor DONE by whites under that LAW.

The Case law is JONES v. Mayer case about an interracial couple who were discriminated against in the mid 60s and won after the US Supreme court ruled in their favor via the use of the Jones case a well settled, viable, meaningful and the death nell to all actions that can be proven to be a badge or carryover of the slavery acts done against Black people nation wide.

People like Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jack Jr. have done nothing but pimp us out of millions of dollars over the decades of their rise to Civil Rights stardom and Dr ML King jr and Malcolm X died for no reason than out of ignorance to the fact that We had won our rights over 102 yrs before the phony civil rights bill of 1968 was passed into law.

This is why I fight and try to spread the truth and why I want this blog to become the Voice of the People and the Voice of the Nation we are America every citizen has the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness these our are God given rights and we must fight like hell to make sure ass holes like Trump are never given a platform of HATE to spew their ignorance and stupidity.

Now that doesnt mean they dont have the right to do so and ontop of that damage, hurt or even kill people with those words of hate that turns on the crush, kill and destroy button in some peoples minds i.e. Neo Nazis and the KKK and others.

certainly they have free speech that is the law for every one but as a concerened citizen we must stand together as one to banish and say No to this type of behavior and to reteach our kids the negative history thats not being taught in out school systems through out America and how it got to be this way.

I am talking about the segregated school system of before and perhaps now, the housing sector and so on.

There is an ugly history behind all of this that the majority of people don’t know anything about and that so called white people didn’t just pulled themselves up by their boot straps they were and still are helped immensely by the federal, state and local governments with housing loans that are not subprime that’s really given and offered to people of color primarily among other things.

If you’d like to see more and read more about this please by the ebook The Color of Law a great addition to your library tht really breaks down as to what happened and why and how it still affects us enmasse today by Richard Rothstein.

So please join our cause and call for Justice and fight for what our Nation stands for which are Life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness by becoming a member of our you tube page WMB of lies and deceit the very first episode will be on Oct. 1st 2018 3pm new york time and go to the comment section and click on patreon to become a contributing member we truly need your help to help us grow into a very powerful orgnization throughout America and the world.

We have a duty to fight Tyranny where ever it raises its ugly head and to CHOP it off if we are to live in peace, from pedophilia and pedophiles that are rampant throughout our governmental branches in America and the world at large.

Come and join the cause of true liberation and become the Voice of the People and the Voice of the Nation on the WMB show.

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