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Why do people use photography to show who the indigenous American is? The Conquistadors came in 1492 the first photographs were taken in 1833. Why don’t we see these Asians in any statues or illustrations before photography. Also the process made people look much darker in photos then they actually were because of the amount of silver, palladium or platinum contained in the emulsion. This is what the “Indians” looked like when the Europeans who themselves were Negroes and Whites arrived in the Americas. The $5 Indian is a late comer and fraud who is stealing the birthright of you and your ancestors. No one predates the Negro anywhere on the Planet and the American Negro is the oldest man on the Earth, he is simply too lazy to research his own land and it’s history and too busy being a fake African, when Africans themselves are trying to come to his land which he has been taught to hate, so it can be stolen from him by his enemies and he has many enemies who wish to see him vanish from this World.

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