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washitaw muurs

Washitaw Nation Muurs Land Taken in war of 1812 was the same Land called in hizzztory, Louisiana Purchase,,,later the greatest battle in civil war was battle of Vicksburg and taking Mississippi River from confederate army while Robert e Lee invaded Pennsylvania at the same time but lost at Gettysburg ,taking Mississippi River and land around it is very important in the victories of both war of 1812 and civil war ,this is what hizzztory says but there’s a mountain of facts they have removed to create this hizzztory to create the be li eve. illusion that all dark skin Knappy Hair ,Curly hair people only came as slaves on slave ship Jesus witch which is a lie as there were many shades of dark olive muurs here way before 1bc miscalled Indians in 1492 now called by the news media and themself black and brown,,,,peace to our family in Jackson Mississippi

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