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Warren G Harding

Warren Harding, the 29th president, never denied his black heritage. “Harding had black ancestors between both sets of parents. William Chancellor, a white professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio, wrote a book on the Harding family genealogy and identified Black ancestors among both parents of President Harding. Justice Department agents allegedly bought and destroyed all copies of this book. Chancellor also said that Harding’s only academic credentials included education at Iberia College, which was founded in order to educate fugitive slaves.” (Rogers) Monica Haynes, of the Pittsburg Courier wrote, in her infamous article, “Racial heritage of six former presidents is questioned,” “However, Marsha Stewart doesn’t need any professional research. Mrs. Stewart, a 60-year-old black woman who teaches in suburban Detroit, said Mr. Harding is her cousin. She said it’s something the family always has known but didn’t publicly talk about. (February 5, 2008)

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