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War on drugs = war on Black people

A poem I wrote 24 years ago:

I’m a prisoner of color, can you see? There is a hatred brewing inside of me.

I’ve been angry, most of my life. I’m obsessed with color, I know it’s not right. I’ve been trained, to hate on sight. I’ll make you cringe, while some want to fight. Don’t tell me, what I’m doing is wrong. You waste your time, my feelings are too strong. I see people, who hate the same way. Keep your thoughts to yourself, believe me, I don’t play. The revolution is near, break out your battle dress. When you see me coming, you’ll know I’m the best of the BEST! I can hate on cue, even put Hitler to shame! When it comes to scapegoating, I’m an expert at the “BLAME GAME.” Wake up you fool, don’t you see I’m no queer. I’m motivated by hate, and stimulated by fear. The TV cameras love me, they perpetuate my brand of hate. I get more recruits by publicity, because I carry power some people appreciate. Well it’s time to leave, I’ll be back again tomorrow. I’ll be sure to spread my grief, because my life is filled with nothing but sorrow.

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