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One of the many online awakening postings from 2012. We have come a long way since then. We have trained ourselves very well. We don’t laugh at it anymore. And we don’t react shocked anymore. We know TRUTH when we see it. Our Soul KNOWS, our 3rd Eye.𓋹

“The true racial composition of Europe has been presented to us as a White continent so that we do not know that Africans were the rulers of Europe and it was through inter-marriage that White people penetrated the Black aristocracy until the 1841 when the aristocracy became whitened and decided to partition and colonize Africa.

It is time to re-examine all the images we have been shown in our textbooks and claim our heritage which included Europe. In ancient times, Europe was practically Northern Africa, because military and scientific knowledge was controlled by Africans called Moors (pre-Christian and later Christian and Muslim) It was Africans who introduced Christianity into Europe and converted the arriving white Europeans to a Black Mary and a Black Jesus. The racial composition of the ancient world was very different when religious books were written so we need to re-evaluate the images that we daily associate with the persons in these books. Culture is the most powerful weapon holding down the big continent of Africa, because we have been deceived about our History in the Faculty of Arts of tertiary institutions that were established by Europeans to reinforce propaganda about the assumed Euro-Arab superiority over Black People.

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