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Sources: Snorri Sturlusson and Gwyn Jones

The ancient Alpin religion, which was called Celtic-Druidism, was characteristically a Black-Canaanite ritual called Baalism or Ham-ism. Canaanite were black Africans who settled in the area of Canaan.

Druidism, which also promoted the One-God worship, had existed long before Judaism, Christianity and Islamism, by which many Jewish, Christian and Islamist values are borrowed (Christmas tree, Easter, etc.).

The Canaanite Chief God El or El-Elyon, also called the “Most High God,” was adopted by the Hebrews (Num. 24:16).

We know that druids were blacks or descendants of ancient African priests who settled in these areas. They were the ones possessing the knowledge of spirituality and civilization.

We also know that all these practices were invented and brought by black Africans because of ancient Greek writings.

Diodorus Siculus wrote:

“The Ethiopians were first of all humans, and they first believed and worshiped the gods”

“…the first of them showed how to honor the gods…”

Africans were known to be the spiritual people of this planet. Even in ancient Rome, they used to invite Africans (Black) priests, Isiac priests to do the rituals. Isiac priests were African priests who served in foreign lands.


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