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united we stand

United we stand Divided we fall One of the greatest myths is that European Greeks are responsible for ending Kemet. The fall of Kemet--from which she never truly revived--came at the hands of the Black Persians ( Achaemenids), not the Greeks. You will find that throughout history, only a mighty Black race is capable of defeating a mighty Black race. It is only when they have weakened each other, that the Europoids come in and steal the spoils of war. By the 6th-century bce, Achaemenids were the last Black stronghold in West Asia. The Namu (so-called Beige Aryans) had slowly been flooding the land from the north. To restore Black control, the Achaemenids conquered the entire region of West Asia. Despite the racist attitudes of the Aryan nomads in West Asia, the Achaemenids were not Black Supremacists, but idealistic, they thought they were going to unite all the races of man. They then pushed their conquests into Europe and into Africa. It was the Achaemenids who were responsible for dethroning Kemet as the greatest power of antiquity. It is also important to note that the Greeks never defeated the Achaemenids directly. The Achaemenid empire was destroyed by a combination of Kemetic revolts and Dravidian uprising. After the struggle, the Namu (Beige Aryans) allied with the Greeks to dismantle the unstable Achaemenid Empire. The Greeks never actually conquered an independent Kemet. They took control of a Kemet that was already 200 years weakened by colonization from the Achaemenids and whose northern coast had long been home to many Greek soldiers who settled there as mercenaries for the 26th-dynasty. The lesson to be learned here is that Europoids & Namu are only able to come into control of Blacks AFTER Blacks have been weakened severely by fighting each other. That was the case of Kemet, the Achaemenids, the Songhai Empire, the Swahili States, the Oyo Empire, etc. They all first suffered from Black-on-Black self destruction. The Europoids and Namu were simply vulture like opportunists who took advantage of the weakened states.

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