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United we stand

To all these anything but African folks. Science, archaeological, and DNA evidence overwhelmingly settles the debate about where human life began. Hominids were nowhere even close to in the picture during Pangea facts.

Every step of human evolution found only in Africa. We can even track when the 1st homosapiens left Africa. I’m hearing this new pseudo theory that Blacks came from America and settled in Africa sorry that When Rocks Cry Out nonsense is fictional.

We know pre dynastic Egyptians came from Kush as there were a plethora of Dynasty’s prior to Egypt. Civilization existed in North East Central Africa at least 25,000 years before culminating in Kemet. Ishango bone oldest mathematical tool ever found was uncovered in South Africa.

Oldest people in the world reside in South Africa makes too much sense for pseudo scholars I know. Lets just ignore Ancient Egyptians themselves stated their ancestors came from the land of Punt to the South. North Central Africa also known as the lands of the gods where the vast majority of my DNA is from. Also 1 more thing I’m so tired of folks saying Jeus and or the Isrealites no doubt look like the light skin majority that live in those regions today. Are folks really so ignorant to not figure out the vast majority of places in the worlds current today populations look nothing like 2000 years ago. I mean come on guys we know in just the last 300 hundred whites completely changed the way populations look in the whole Americas and Austrilia.

This is why we have to stop sending our kids to these schools as they are simply taught whatever white education says is true and even with a plethora of evidence in front of them they still ignore it. Science tells you Africans were 1st people by a mile as white skin mutation is 8000 years old at best oldest body found 4000 years old. And so many still have white jesus at their churches and home.

This sickness is much worse then slavery as so many of us are programmed so deep they refuse to believe anything that says we are elite or superior. I’m running into Blacks who say whites were 1st humans and are the most advanced race ever and the bringers of the light and we should be lucky to have been enslaved by them no lie.

We already know we are at war with all non whites but it is the anti Black Africans we have to be the most worried about. Do you know how many of us put this racist nation above their family much less their shade of people. And I’m also tired of the non violent Blacks who take the cowardly way out 0 action just let Jesus take the wheel. Read your own bible it states he is in everything all of us fyi you are Christ. Every religion is created by Africans but the true meaning of the books is over your head because you are not reading using your heritage the African method of understanding. Pale people who have bastardized the religions have 0 way to understand and have taken so much literal when we write and talk in parrables.

We are not in the end of times we are at the end of a sign as all religions are based off astronomy. Don’t believe me look at your last supper painting 12 people only 4 legs on the bottom representing the 4 seasons. Isrealites were simply Phoenicians and Egyptians who decided to create their own religion.

Hebrew is really Phoenician barely a difference. All this Egytpians vs Isrealites is pure ignorance in the bible Moses and Jesus recieved their education in Egypt them came out enlightened Egyptians saved the Isrealites how many times? Ancient Isrealite DNA is African. All Ancient African and Western Asians were Cushites from pre dynastic A, B and C group in Kush.

Them battling and having wars is no different then modern day whites who ruled the world constantly fighting. Having the same origin does not mean folks will not battle to be number 1. Homer the Afro Greek who wrote the Oddesey states Arabia and Troy were both Ethiopian colony’s. Romans did not create Christianity Africans did as if you just research you will find Romans would not recognize the religion until after 300AD. Islam is the Christianity that was being practice by Africans before Romans bastardized it.

And Romans were a mixed people mainly of color so many Blacks took part in this process as trying to put a racial spin on ancient happenings has 0 evidence to support that bullish theory. Persians, Sumerians, Arabs, Canaanites, Isrealites, Hittites, Hyscos, Babylonians etc were all Black. Africa is the origin of all human life can not even be disputed from their we populated, civilized and educated the world but if we do not stop imitating those imitating us then they will destroy this world.

I practice the African way of life and spiritual system and and eat like them too. My mind and body have never felt better my path in life is so clear. Not to better America every effort I make is to better Africa and African people. All this fighting to be less oppressed in America has nothing to do with you.

Africa the most mineral rich place on earth has all we need our body’s are synchronized to her. Do you know how silly we look fighting for America, Europe etc when our true home is the most mineral rich place on earth. You will not go to Africa and find millions of whites fighting for Africa we are sick. This is why I’m not with that boohoo whites are oppressing us nonsense.

Whites and non Blacks are just taken advantage of people who will fight for anyone and anything but themselves and their home. I do not see pale Arabs going to war for Africa why because they understand where they are from and who they are. All pale nations and people are on the same page as they understand unity is the key to keeping us down and to continue to live off Africa’s resources and our history.

All those pale folks have that built in knowledge that they all come from Central Asia it is as if they remember being barbaric riding around the Steppes. We have 0 excuses as our ancestors left their proof of our greatness in stone from Africa, to Asia, Europe and America’s and sadly we are so filled with self hate we’d rather follow barbarians

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