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unexpected faces

Unexpected Faces of Ancient America undeniable proof of of Black presence in Ancient America. beware he claims Egyptian artifacts are white and calls semetic speaking people white also. once again ancient western Asians were Black Africans and Dravidian indians. Semetic is a language group spoken mainly by Blacks of Africa and Asia. Neolithic of the Near East a book to hopefully remove this pseudo nonsense being pushed by so many of us Ancient Western Asians were white or mixed. I’m over this nonsense of Native Americans being 1st Americans even in the face of oldest bodies found being Black Aboriginals. Mounds found by the hundreds across Americas and Pueblos mirror west African style builds. Ancient America was multi ethnic and Black Asians and Africans were here when Europeans arrived this is spoken on by Columbus and a plethora of other explorers plus endless amounts of paintings showing wide nose and big lipped indigenous some with nappy hair some with straighter hair. Recently Keenan Wayans had his DNA tested and hes 100% Asian. This lines up with recent genetic studies that showed Black Asians were 1st Americans. In fact through all my studys and y’all know I study I havent seen proof of Native Americans being here earlier prior to 4000bc which would be 6000 years ago. while I can place Africans and Black Asians here’s over 20,000 years ago and further back. If one goes up in mountains of Peurto Rico and Brazil you will find Black indigenous who ran up there to get away from invasions. Now let me stop you right now the slave trade happened and no doubt many of us have indigenous blood and many descendants are here via slavery but facts are dna would be the same as more recent migrations from Africa from around 6000bc up until the 1300sad it was West Africans coming here. Anyways I suggest you downloading or buying both books.

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