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tucker you fucker

Thoughts…..i just wrote this to tucker carlson who interviewed Tariq Nasheed and tried to embarrass him sound off i wanna hear it. Hey Tucker this is isaiah israel the author of The whitemans burden; Of lies and deceit which focuses on the real history and supposed contributions of SO CALLED white people which is nil to none. I was taken aback by your interview with tariq was really an embarrassment to your ability to expose the truth with facts rather than hype , emotion and a level of ignorance on your part that warranted me to write this to you. Tucker for one white people are not white theyve bought into this line of reasoning seasoned with the salt of ignorance that has marginalized whites on the edge of humanity with such a negative mentality towards the rest of the world sitting at the table of common sense that whites actually feel they are the majority in the world when in fact they are the minority, they for the most part are the last to appear on the ladder of humanity with a recent birth of only 5k yrs lamoooo. Now Im sure you know these facts amongst others but i want to focus on the interview with tariq that you and a myriad other whites feel you really put him in his place hahaha what a joke that was and have you seen the documentaries he has done Hidden Colors 1 thru 4 if you havent than you need to do so. Its a fact that the greatest terrorist in the world are white people its a fact that the number 1 hooded thugs drug dealers child rapist negligent and dead beat fathers and mothers are white people its a fact that the most violent offenders are white people the most drug addicted are whites and the bigggest sellers of drugs are white but yet somehow thru media manipulation whites are seen as creme de la creme of proper etiquette when in fact they are whites are the worst of the worst. Its a known fact tucker that the KKK the number 1 terrortist organization in america are infiltrating and have infiltrated our judicial,l government and police bodies that are supposed to be impartial and just in their actions and decisions its a known fact that whites have killed overwhelmingly cops in america 85% of cops killed are killed by white men and yet they are not KILLED by the police but are apprehended basically with out a scratch captured with out the need of deadly force and the police who apprehend them DONT fear for their lives hahahha youre a pathetic Joke tucker and you have and had racialize the issue and points with Tariq but make yourself appear informed when in fact youre pathetically ill informed of your own peoples sicke demented twisted ways of thinking and eventually acting that you dismiss the problem with out properly diagnosing the WHITE issues that plague WHITES to their very core and this is leading to whites demise as a whole. legal and Judicial consequences are few and far between due to so called white priviledge and assumption of white innocence that plagues the psyche of the white media that gives credit to psychopathic white terrorist ability to escape the long arm of the law. For instance its a fact that the federal and local law enforcement dont arrest whites for drug crimes although the use of and selling of drugs amongst whites is 2 times that of blks but yet blks are criminalized and and are tried and convicted and sent to jail 4 times greater than whites yet our policy amongst our police and judicial system is to PUNISH blks and latinos unfairly. Tucker my book The white mans burden is a tell all of sorts that takes an open honest look at the carcass of whites strewn across the centuries that has been riddled with the bullets of self hate loathing and a deep seated jealousy of people of color that goes back eons of time. Its an honest look filled with FACTS that one theres no such thing as race TUCKER as soon as you start to talk about something that doesnt exist thats a social construct moreso than a FACT you are heading down a dead end street that end ultimately in who can fool the other with supposed facts that are reall points of IGNORANCE backed by fear of being wrong rooted in lies and deceit. Look tucker for one white people were the slaves in america in which the native blks helped to free them from their captivity in 1776. The word slave comes from the word slav and the slavic people of eastern europe have always been the WORLDS slave blk people the real indigenous people of america who built the western american civilization who founded the americas and have been in the americas for over 25k years TUCKER were prisoners of war…..THATS RIGHT….. of war better known as MOORS vesrsus the whites who were known as CHRISTIANS at the time were declared war upon by Geo Washington and later Jefferson was abled to end the slave trade that the MOORS took these whites into slavery throughout the world that didnt end until 1918 – 20 some 5 million whites culminated in the war of 1812. Im giving a real short synopsis of events here tucker but you must know that america under king james who was blk along with all the ruling royal families of europe were blk treated christians a code word for whites badly didnt even look at them as human hell King James took the skin off their back and made book binders out of them. This Blk minority elite ruled over the christians for centuries until they got fed up and revolted that started the french revolution and the 100 yrs war as well as the 30 yrs war which in a nutshell was a RACE war of sorts and after the blk were kicked out of spain in 1492 that after 800 yrs of blk rule ushered in the light of intelligence in europe the moors have been battling to get their blk priviledge back and over time we will dominate again since africa begins and ends at the for corners of the globe we are the richest and smartest people on the globe the PARENTS of humanity. In a nut shell tucker without blkness the world cant exist and wouldnt exist its impossible the world and the universe MUST have Melanin present carbon which is blk is the common denominator for life to exist everything good begins and comeout out of blkness when ur created you grow in the womb of your mom in blkness the food we eat comes from the rich BLK soil the sky during the day is a sightly beautful rainbow of colors but at night the KING and QUEEN of so called colors shows its royal presence blk. So tucker there are 3 things that cant be hidden forever the sun the moon and the truth truth doesnt need to be defended and like a LION can defend itself and with that being said Id love to come on your show to really set the RECORD straight the historical record one in which you seem to be woefully ignorant of and to allow as much as possible the truth to be heard but I dont think and i doubt youll have me on your show to discuss the interview you had with tariq and my soon to be release e book The whitemans burden my number is 829 990 8267 hope to talk soon

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