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Ok, let me put you men up on game. Put your assets: cars, real estate, life insurance, businesses, money, etc., in a trust, before you get married. This way, if a wife leaves you, she can't take any of your assets, if she divorces you. She can only be given what you have stipulated in the trust. A trust is a living document that holds and manages your assets. A trust cannot be altered, except by YOU. It does NOT go through probate (court), or divorce court like wills and prenuptual agreements do. Putting your assets in trust(s) is one way to live in the private, as sovereign beings. This is the secret of the wealthy.

The man/government/lawyer/court/Zaddy has NO jurisdiction over your trusts. I keep saying that you all need to take control and lead, again and stop letting entitled women drag you and all your money and assets through court and straight to hell. Here is another thing. Put your assets in trust and stipulate how much will go to your surviving children, upon your death, so that if you transition (or "die"), all of your assets won't automatically go to your wife. While it is great to take care of your surviving spouse, in your death, please don't leave her with all of your assets, because usually, she won't distribute to your children, especially if they are not her biological children.

Men, please, lead again. One of the greatest ways to do this is via estate planning. Trust creation is one step in estate planning. We all have an estate, even if it is just the clothes on our backs, or jewelry, money, or home(s). Be smart men. Some women have found a way to drain you and grab you by your testicles. If they don't like you or get mad at you, they can run to Zaddy (the courts) and have him to payout whatever Zaddy determines. Remember, the courts have NO jurisdiction over your assets that are in a trust. Please don't be afraid to marry. Just put your assets in a trust BEFORE you get married. Inbox me if you have more questions about estate planning or trust creation.

*This goes for women too. If you have assets, put them in a trust.

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