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to be woke means

N-ggas want being “WOKE” to be fun and cool, because they think being WOKE is way to increase their income and their popularity.


Being WOKE is a constant struggle to moderate your inner rage and fury, while attempting to function and speak socially without being percieved as an insane lunatic.

Being WOKE is interacting with still half sleep and blissfully slumbering people and maintaining the patience to not to give them the Harriett Tubman treatment, simply because you understand how confusing it was for you when you still had bushels of bleached wool over your own eyes. Being WOKE is having the awareness to know that even the term “WOKE” can and is currently being culturally appropriated and marketed to the mainstream, just like your marginalized oppression. I feel like either I’m going to need to force myself to take a break from social media like my friend CG suggested I do or a bunch of y’all are going to start disliking me frfr! You see I’m sick of playing pattycake with foot shuffling rationalizing, huckabuck grinnin, kneegrow nonsense spewin and slack jawed lack of accountability havin individuals among our ranks. Brobama couldn’t/didn’t help us deal with it, why the Hell y’all so damn scary because you know Donald won’t? This system is not designed for US, it never was and never will be for US, it is set up to USE US! NEWSFLASH: They think they’re done with US, but they don’t understand the only reason their fucked up system worked for so long was because it depended on the sweat off the backs of US

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