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To be or not to be

White people have been raised to have apathy, live to their potential as individuals or even complete losers all the while being the beneficiaries of this privileged caste system. Here are some examples: We don’t get pulled over at the rate of Black people.

We don’t get followed in stores. We live longer, get loans, mortgages and jobs easier. When we make mistakes they are dealt differently by the state. Globally, US imperialism continues its dominance using military weapons to seize control of valuable resources all over the world. People become refugees because of the regime change policies and nothing ever seems to change.

The global “war on drugs” and “war on terrorism” has more to do with US imperialism than with black and brown people’s character. I am half white and half Mexicano and I relate to both.

I finally have a way to express my desire of helping end imperialism and colonialism here and around the world by paying reparations and becoming a Malcolm X sustainer. I hope more people learn about the Uhuru Solidarity Movement as a way that white people can support Black resistance and Black Power in the face of systemic oppression and genocide. We have to commit to the liberation of all people by any means necessary.

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