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THE EMORY UNIVERSITY TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE DATABASE—How many Africans landed in mainland NORTH AMERICA (U.S) & what % of so-called Blacks are descended from them???

“The genetic architecture of African Americans is DISTINCT FROM THAT OF AFRICANS...The greatest source of potential genetic stratification bias in case-control studies of African Americans derives from the proportion of EUROPEAN ANCESTRY.” SOURCE; Only a VERY SMALL percentage of so called Blacks in the U.S. are descended from African slaves…

However, a lot of these silly super woke Afrocentricks will have you believe that 100% of the so called black population in the U.S. are descendants of African slaves… According to the Emory University Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 306,871 Africans from the west coast of Africa disembarked in Mainland North America between the years 1651 and 1865... It has been logically determined that because of their poor treatment and health, slave populations could not appreciably increase... Due to their short lives, poor food, overwork, etc., their numbers declined... Their poor nutrition, heavy workload and short lifespan would cause their numbers to decline...

Infant and child mortality rates were twice as high among slave children… SOURCE; The infant mortality rate was around 30 to 40% Slaves suffered extremely high mortality... Half of all slave infants died during their first year of life... As a result of this high infant and childhood death rate, the average life expectancy of a slave at birth was just 21 or 22 years... Relatively few slaves lived into old age... A major contributor to the high infant and child death rate was chronic undernourishment... SOURCE; Now there are some mathematical parameters we need to establish... Two of them are the "Population Replacement Level” and “Sub-Replacement fertility” Replacement rate is the number of children that a couple would have to have over the course of their reproductive years, in order to replace themselves... The UN states that this replacement rate worldwide is 2.1 children per couple... In contrast, if the total fertility rate is lower than the replacement rate there will eventually be a negative population growth—the people will die out... A population decline is a reduction in a human population caused by events such as; long-term sub-replacement fertility (infant mortality), food resource decline or high death rates due to violence, disease, or other catastrophes—sounds a lot like a slaves life, doesn't it? So in order to calculate the "Population replacement level" the math would go like this: A woman has 10 children born—less than 5 make it to adulthood—let's say 4... About 20% of women did not produce children, that leaves 3 children who make it to adulthood to produce the next generation... In developed countries sub-replacement fertility is any rate below approximately 2.1 children born per woman, but the threshold can be as high as 3.4 in some developing countries because of higher mortality rates... Considering the horrid living conditions of slaves—the 3.4 births to maintain population would have easily been exceeded... Therefore the population of African Slaves would have steadily DECLINED! Despite this, just 5 years after slavery was abolished, in 1870, the so called Black population in the U.S. was 4,880,009 people... Question: WHERE DID THE OTHER 4+ MILLION SO CALLED BLACKS NOT FROM AFRICA, COME FROM???? 306,871 African Slaves ÷ 4,880,009 so called Blacks in the U.S. = 0.062883285666072 x 100 = 6.288328566607152 (6%) This means only 6% of the so called Black population in the U.S. was an African in 1870... Of the total 306,871 African Slaves imported into the United States, computer calculations determined that only 288,000 of their descendants still remained, (due to their short lives, poor food, overwork, etc. their numbers declined) Their poor nutrition, heavy workload and short lifespan would cause their numbers to decline... Using the full 306,871 number for the United States ONLY, we ran a "Population Replacement Level" algorithm (taking into account the documented condition of slaves) The result told us (using a bigger number than was real), that the population of so called Blacks in the United States, who are the descendants of African Slaves, in 2022 should be about 288,000 people... SOURCE; 288,000 IS A TINY FRACTION OF THE BLACK POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES!

According to the Emory University Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database Voyages table;— by 1790, approximately ‭248,631 African Slaves had landed in mainland North America… However, the 1790 Census says there were 701,098 slaves in mainland North America… These extra 452,467 slaves are Native Americans and so called Black European Slaves / Indentured Servants…

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