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*Timbuktu – Tomboctou* “Where every race came to get books!” Most people want you to believe Islamic Trade Routes were founded on the enslavement of Africans. However the truth is, During the Golden Age of Islam, in the Mendika Kingdom of Mali, West Africa was where every race in the known World came to go to school, learn, and gain enlightenment. In these days, the Purest Afro-Arabs and North African Moroccans had jet black skin and were of Chadic-Kushite stock & descent. Please Explain the Story Bout How Blacks Came From Glory, With Hot Whips, in Chains, to Raps, Fame and Worry. Game’d uP _ Maimed Left with Bad Names _ and Buried. in Mad Shame_Sad Pain Dads Blamed _ On Maury. Bastards Slave Masters Made After they Captured The Half of Africa, Raped, Traded, and Raised Backwards Growin uP _ Way Faster _ Then We Use To Tell Me if You _ Used To _ The Evil that the Youth Do I question their Intelligence and Relevance, Know Where They Came From. More than 25 Dynasties, Empires, And KINGDOMS! Sons of di Lyon & Daughters of Zion Open ya eyes, Omm.. Up Rise in th Horizon! My Mind Gone Im in another Time Zone Wit Masons, Designer Pyramids, Mixin Lime Stone. I got Niggas gettin they Grind On, Dyin for Dia-monds, We Need the Moor of the Diaspora To Bring the Tribes Home. _________________ Hebrew Negro People HeruSalem, Crusades, Crews Raid, Muslims & Jews Slayed. New Day, Inna War, Waged by Set, Raised in Woset, All Praise to Auset The whole Holy Trinity An Stolen Identities, From Back when it was peace & Blacks inna Middle East. Before Mongolians, Napole, & Mussolini, Arabians was in The Ethiopian Kundalini From Aramaic Saracen to Amharic Sabaeans F1rst World _ Trade-Center _ de Mediterranean No Alexander’s or Greeks! No Turks, in fact! Babylon was Iraq and NimRod was Black! Israel was in Lower Egypt When Persia invaded Kemet Nubians Took the Throne With Knowledge beyond a Limit. Shinin on All Nations, If y’all wanna Talk Races (Racist ?) Caucasians still coming out they Dark Ages. _______________________ Yah-Allat, we Salat, Bishme Allah, BaBa, If we ELite, was we YIs’Ra- EL – Light? Like da Ismael-Lites. Grand Child of The NiLe, exiled, ex-out, ain’t Smiled inna While. Generations of Stellar Energy, From Hella Centuries Where 2 Break it down 2 the Molecule Is ElemenTary. Cause al-Chemi gave us Science, The Outcome gave us the Conscience, Observe the Omniscient, Manifest and Accomplish…. Academies, Universities, & Insta-tutes, It’s time to move back from Babylon 2 Timbuktu. Los Angeles 2 AL Andalooz, Whats best for us? Next 2 Exodus? New Jers 2 New Jer-Rooz ! The Temple of Solomon, You gotta get that Again. You gotta combat it and Gotta destroy the Vatican. Since the Taliban Ottoman Stepped Foot inna Mother Land It been all of them, Mutha Fuckas Against the Brother Man. 360˚ Righteous Knowledge 720˚ Wisdom of Self 1080˚ Knowledge of Universe, Universal Wisdom, Supreme Intuitive Logic

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