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thracian the barbarians were black

The Panagyurishte Treasure is a Thracian treasure… The Thracians were an Indo-European speaking people who inhabited large parts of Eastern and Southeastern Europe in ancient history… Thracians resided mainly in the Balkans (Mostly modern day Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece) but were also located in Anatolia (Asia Minor) and other locations in Eastern Europe… Thracians were described as "warlike" and "barbarians" by the Greeks and Romans and were favored as mercenaries…

Both Romans and Greeks called them barbarians since they were neither Romans nor Greeks… “Pythagoras, he tells us on the authority of Clement of Alexandria, was generally thought to have been a barbarian”

“This word seems to have been formed after the Indian “Varvara” and would thus have meant originally a “Black skinned man with woolly hair. He was thus a Hamite.” “Clement further states, that according to the opinion of most people Pythagoras was a barbarian, a word which seems to have been formed after the Indian varvâra, and thus would designate a black - skinned man with woolly hair” SOURCES; (Dissertations for the Doctorate in Sacred Theology Volumes 1-4 By Catholic University of America; 1895)

(Ernst von Bunsen, ‘The Angel-messiah of Buddhists, Essenes, and Christians’; 1880) Varvara = Barbarian = Woolly hair = so called black man In Ancient Greece, the Greeks used the term not only towards those who did not speak Greek and follow classical Greek customs, but also towards Greek populations on the fringe of the Greek world with peculiar dialects… In Ancient Rome, the Romans adapted and used the term towards tribal non-Romans such as the Berbers, Germanics, Celts, Iberians, Thracians, Illyrians, and Sarmatians… The Greeks used the term barbarian for all non-Greek-speaking peoples, including the Egyptians, Persians, Medes and Phoenicians…

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