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thin lips

Dear Ms Zanca Hi my name isaiah israel and im writing in defense of what you had stated about african american student at your school of which your feelings personal political and otherwise should be expressed and protected. But in the same vain theres a problem its not true that blk people are gorillas and have big lips like one besides gorillas have thin lips like yours. With that being said you need to be aware of white peoples history as slaves in america first and worldwide long before blk people as prisoners of war fell into that predictament of slavery. Read the books white cargo, white slaves black masters,christian slaves muslim masters, they were white and they were slaves and white slaves in colonial america youll be perhaps shocked and amazed at white peoples true glorious history as slaves of the world foor the word slaves comes from the word slav which indicate people of eastern european back ground and not african.

Besides this white are born with tails like a dog so who are the real monkies you guessed it white people so im not hurt nor feel slighted by your false fake wanna be so proudly white that i fail to see the weakness of your flawed analysis and mental capacity to think outside of the norm of white supremacy but hey who am i to make such a speech against a well doctrinated loser like yourself here take a good look at white pride i bet you eat shit drink piss and vomit it back up with your lover and swallow again such pride WHITE POWER......... have a good life skank ass whore loser neanderthal ape bitch you are hahhaha you creepy ass cracker

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