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their ways are death

Ways white supremacy wounds white people Teaching white children from an early age to disconnect from people of color, distance themselves, understand themselves as “better than,” thereby distorting and putting out of reach real human connection with most of humanity. Learning to admire colonizers, rapists, slave-owners, misogynists, liars, thieves, and those who committed acts of genocide because history is only taught from the perspective of white supremacy which portrays those acts not only as defensible but also as “necessary evils.” Living on this land with no connection or understanding of the land we are on or knowledge of the indigenous peoples it was stolen from. Refusing to acknowledge America’s “original sin” of racial, chattel slavery and genocide and a refusal to understand reparations as a spiritual and material necessity for addressing those traumas. Forcing people of European descent to erase their culture in order to conform to whiteness and white, dominant culture. Ingraining in white people the values of dominance, greed, and simplistic notions of “winners” and “losers,” and rewarding those who display those qualities with ever increasing access to wealth and power and admiring them for their dominance. Fostering a sense that black folks are always interested in vengeance for the harms white people have perpetrated, creating a sublimated, constant anxiety about one’s status and an inability to envision a world based on equity and human connection. Distorting white people’s perception of truth by portraying white, racist lies as fact and portraying the real, lived experiences of people of color as false or exaggerated. Instilling in white people a scarcity mentality, making such things as neoliberal capitalism, mass incarceration, xenophobia, continued fossil fuel extraction, and the never-ending :War on Terror” appear defensible and even necessary. Just my opinion remember opinions are like peepee holes everyone has one. Sorry for my black power ish this morning much love to all.

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