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the windsors power

The Windsor power The British Royal family have always been close to Freemasonry and their own orders like the Knights of the Garter, the Order of the Thistle, and the Royal Victorian Order interlock with the Freemasonic networks. So, of course, does the Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta). The expansion of Freemasonry in England in the 18th century coincided with the arrival of the German Hanoverian dynasty. The current Grand Master of the English Grand Lodge in Great Queen(Semiramis/Isis) Street in London is the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent. Prince Philip was initiated into the Navy Lodge number 2612 on December 5th 1952.27 His father in law, George VI, the Queen’s father and husband of the Queen Mother, was an ardent Mason,28 as was Edward VII and most other monarchs since the emergence of Freemasonry. The Queen is ‘Grand Patroness’ of Freemasonry. She is served by the 390 members of the so-called Privy Council which connects with its equivalent in other Commonwealth countries. It is legally above Parliament because of its prerogative powers. Its members, who are appointed for life, include Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Prime Minister. Nine official meetings are held each year and the government ministers stand to attention while the Queen is told of the government measures they are asking the Queen to approve. This Privy Council of inner-circle politicians, courtiers and public servants have to bow to the Queen and shake her hand before standing in line and they are sworn to conduct their business in the utmost secrecy.29 Another of the Windsor-Black Nobility vehicles for global manipulation is the Crown Agents. This organization was formed in 1833 as ‘Crown Agents for the Colonies’ to run the day-to-day administration in the Empire and serve as private bankers to government officials, colonial authorities and heads of state. It also supplied a vast range of goods, including arms. Given the methods and background of the British Empire, it would certainly have been involved in the drugs market. The Crown Agents has a long history of involvement with organized crime and operates covert arms shipments into Africa which are used to cause the genocidal wars.30 This was, and is, a Crown Agency working for the monarch and yet had its entire debt guaranteed by the British government. In the 1970s it was bailed out by a Bank of England rescue costing hundreds of millions of pounds. For many years it managed the personal wealth of the Sultan of Brunei, the friend of the Queen and a funder of many private projects for Prince Philip, Prince Charles and George Bush. The Sultan is also a financial backer of unofficial British and American Intelligence operations31 and a man who has funded the operation of Mohamed Al Fayed, father of Dodi. The Crown Agents were ‘privatised’ in 1996 with the name Crown Agents for Overseas Government and Administrations Ltd. ‘Privatisation’ is Brotherhood-speak for the transfer of power from Black Nobility via government agency to Black Nobility via direct ownership. The new Crown Agents acts as a holding company for a long list of companies and ventures and it continues as before as a vital cog in the network throughout the world. It’s chairman, David H. Probert, is the former director of the British weapons manufacturer, Birmingham Small Arms Ltd, and a director is F. Cassell (that name again), a Companion of the Bath (a Queen-awarded title), and former executive director of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for Great Britain. The Crown Agents Foundation, which holds the share capital in trust, is headed by Sir David Rowe-Ham, Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire. This trust includes Barclays Bank, Standard and Chartered Bank, Unilever, Tate and Lyle, Securicor (a global operator of ‘security services’), British Telecom, the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (headed by Prince Charles), and the Aga Khan Foundation. The same old crowd. The Crown Agents manages the customs services for Mozambique and, through a company called Europe SA, is in charge of all economic construction procurement for Bosnia… yes, Bosnia. It is also involved in a joint venture with a Monaco-based company, ES-KO, to provide all the food for United Nations peacekeeping forces in Angola and Bosnia.32 So the more wars and conflict, the more money the Crown Agents has the potential to make. An important part of the Windsor-Black Nobility-City of London web are the so-called ‘City Livery Companies’. These allege to represent the various groups of merchants like the gun makers, stationers and newspaper makers, the goldsmiths, and such like. In fact they are secret societies fundamental to the control of the City institutions and much further afield. In the 1350s, in the wake of the plague known as the Black Death, government of the City was passed from the ward councils to the City Livery Companies. The Templars were still very active behind the scenes and the power appeared to be concentrated in the Masons Guild. This network interlocks with its offshoots around the world. In 1979, the year that Margaret Thatcher became British Prime Minister, the Honourable Company of Freemen of the City of London of North America began to hold meetings in New York and Toronto, and on October 21st 1991 the Association of Liverymen of the City of London in Hong Kong was founded and all their members appeared to be architects (Freemasons)33 The late author, Peter Jones, researched some of the Livery Companies in the 1990s for his book, The Obedience Of Australia, which exposed the manipulation which led to the removal by the Queen of Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. These are some of the names he found within these ‘Companies’: Engineers: Duke of Edinburgh. Airline Pilots and Navigators: Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Andrew. Butchers: Queen Mother, Lord Vestey (of the meat family and the Lord Prior of the Order of St John of Jerusalem). Merchant Taylors: Queen Mother, Lord Whitelaw (alleged Satanist and former deputy prime minister to Margaret Thatcher), Lord Hailsham. Glovers: Margaret Thatcher, Sir John Fieldhouse (the Admiral of the Fleet), both at the forefront of the 1982 Falklands War. Poulterers: Margaret Thatcher, Duchess of Devonshire (Chatsworth House). Fishmongers: Duke of Devonshire, Duchess of Devonshire, C. E. A. Hambro (Hambros Bank, Taylor Woodrow, P & 0), Lord Inchcape (Inchcape plc, P & 0, Her Majesty’s Lieutenant of London). Goldsmiths: J. H. Hambro. Grocers: Edward Heath (Satanist and former British Prime Minister, Bilderberg Group and architect of Britain’s entry into the European Community). Salters: Duke of Kent (Grand Master of English Freemasonry), Lord Armstrong (the man with the long list of government and business appointments I mentioned earlier). Clothworkers: Sir Peter Gadsden (a Grand Master at the United Grand Lodge), Lord Carrington (Bilderberg Group chairman, President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and major Brotherhood operative). Another name that appears in many of these Livery Companies is McAlpine, the construction family, with the Satanist tendencies. These groups link into the Freemason networks. There are more Freemasons per square foot in the Square Mile of the City of London financial centre than anywhere else on Planet Earth. The Bank of England has its own Freemasonry Lodge (Lodge No 263), 50 do other banks like Lloyds (Black Horse of Lombard Street Lodge, No 4155), and there is the elite Guildhall Lodge, based at the Mansion House since 1905. The Mansion House is the official residence of the Lord (Freemason) Mayor of London and more than 60 Mayors have been Masters of the Lodge.34 Look at that Lloyd’s symbol, the Black Horse (Black Sun) of Lombard Street Lodge. Lombardy was a financial fiefdom of the Black Nobility Venetian/Phoenicians. The Windors are part of this reptilian network of financial and political manipulators, Satanists and ritual child killers. Knowingly so. The network has among its number, via its countless secret societies, the leading judges, policemen, politicians, business people, top civil servants, media owners and editors. Under these kings and generals of the network come the corporals and the foot soldiers who have no idea of the scale of the Agenda they are involved in. If the Brotherhood want someone framed, prosecuted, or murdered, it happens. If they want one of their people protected from prosecution, it happens. If they want a controversial proposal like a new road, a building or law change to be approved, they make sure one of their guys is appointed to head the official ‘inquiry’ to make the decision they want. This network selects the prime ministers through their manipulation of all political parties and appoints the leading government officials. The Black Nobility networks do the same in other countries, including, no, especially, in the United States. See …And the Truth Shall Set You Free for details of this.

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