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the vitamin d lie hahhahah

There are still many so called whites that say: “We're White because we're "cold adapted" humans, we adapted to our environment" Or they'll declare that White skin developed in so called whites because of a lack of vitamin "D" This is of course blatantly false; because we know that so called whites came to Europe from Central Asia, and that so called Blacks in Europe did not change color... So called whites like to engage in many methods of falsifying history, without the inconvenience of having to prove what they say...

Humans do NOT adapt to extreme temperature environments by changing color, or growing narrow noses, here is how we do it... As mammals, humans can generally be classified as physiological regulators: Our physiology works to maintain a stable internal physiological environment in spite of changes in the external environment... Temperature is a crucial environmental variable, as it affects the occurrence and rate of physiological processes (e.g. enzyme digestion of food). Mammals are temperature regulators that generate heat and control their internal temperature to maintain a consistent internal body temperature so that the internal physiological processes continue as usual, in spite of external environmental temperature... Mammals are endothermic: They generate their own internal heat... This enables them to survive in cold environments that are closed to ectotherms (animals that cannot generate their own internal heat and are dependent upon the environment) e.g. reptiles, insects... Humans therefore have a relatively wide temperature tolerance: They can survive in environments of varying temperature... Interestingly, the TRUTH is just the opposite of what so called whites claim...

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