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the vatican

Where does the word ”Vatican” most likely come from? Are you ready?!

”The origin of the name of the Vatican, is not biblical, nor Latin or Greek. The Etruscans took the place as a cemetery on a slope of a hill outside an ancient city, which with the years would end up being Rome. The name of the etruscan goddess that kept the necropolis was vatika. Another meaning of vatika was a bitter grape of not very good taste used by peasants to produce cheap wine that together with a grass of the same name, would be ate experiencing hallucinations and the word was transmitted to Latin as synonymous with “prophetic vision”. The Latin word vaticinor means ” predict, prophesy ” of vatis ” Poet, teacher, Oracle.

Centuries later, that hillside was the place for a circus and, according to the legend, there had been executed San Pedro, crucified upside down and buried not far away. Constantine, first Catholic Emperor, founded a sanctuary there when the place was already known as the Vatican Hill. Another few centuries later, there was built the papal palace and this is how the Vatican, word of etruscan origin and that corresponded to a pagan goddess, gives name to the heart of the church.”…/esp_vatican177.htm P.s: Image of the etruscan goddess of the underworld underworld that guarded the necropolis or city of the dead, where today is the Vatican. (Altes Museum, Berlin)

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