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the true european

A Picture Can Tell More Than A Thousands Words, YES and there are many –– thousands pictures/ Art work & Familiy Crests of Black Royal families in Europe-————————-. How come? What happened to them?

Answer: Europe started with Black people migrated many thousands of years ago from Africa. Eventually white Dravidians (albino’s) from India were chased into Europe by The Huns (who were black) They were fed up with their tricks & deception of making black people work for them in the Sun because they could not do the work themselves. Millions of Dravidians came to Europe and started wars and eventually peace marriages were the downfall of the Black Holy Roman Empire. The “white” Europeans nowaday’s are the quadroons from the Original Black Europeans mixed with the Dravidian Albino (for most part). Dravidians originate from Africa and migrated to India many thousands years ago.

Eventually the mulatto’s and quadroons killed their black ancestors, went to war with them which ended the Black Rule in the Thirty year wars. Most of the Black Europeans were killed and the rest of them (just like the Black Irish) were captured and sent POWs as slaves to the Amerikkka’s. So now you know !

To know Real History is to Know Black Genesis

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