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The Tartars


“Their manner of levying a money-tax upon the vanquished was precisely that of the Black Huns in Italy, many centuries before: and it is unnecessary to emphasize the fact that they scalped their enemies like the modern “Red Indians.” The Tartar features of these Black Danes are visible again and again: (the word “Tartar,” being used as it was done when “as Black as Tartars” was a proverbial expression).” [End quote from, “Ancient and Modern Britons,” by David MacRitchie, pg. 406.:

Now, that we know that the Danes were Tartars. Do we have evidence to confirm this? Yes, we do. In this post is an image of King Frederick II of Denmark and Norway and his daughter Queen Anne of Denmark. Denmark was names after the Danes, who are the Tribe of Dan.

THE ORIGINAL NOBILITY OF EUROPE Frederick II of Denmark July 1, 1534 – April 4, 1588 King of Denmark and Norway and duke of Schleswig from 1559, until his death. Photo: National Museums of Denmark Archives.

Even the original Celtic black Vikings, Thorhall the great, Thorvard, Thorfinn the great, were black Vikings in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, etc. When the Caucasians came out the Caucasus Mountain and travelled further up Europe, evidence mentions that they saw giant black people who were Asconmanni which means Ashmen, and Blumaend (black people with a blue tone). In winter times when black people don’t moisturize their skin they go ascomanni=grey in contrast facts. For Evidence on this check out this photo of king Frederick II of Denmark and Norway. Look at how Blue-Black (gray) he is, lol. Game over for them! Denmark and Norway is of course, Viking Country. You see, the truth is all in the art (artifacts).

Well, so much for the white Viking hijack. His Daughter, Queen Anne of Denmark, married King James of the Bible. Yes, King James was Black too. How do you explain a black king ruling over Viking territory? Keep in mind this is recent, so this requires a lot of explaining for any white Europeans that claims that the Vikings and the Tartars (Tartarians) were white. This post has images of the original Black Nobility:

Notice, in the background of the painting of King Frederick II, you will see Gothic Architecture (Castles and Cathedrals), which is a Tartarian or a Moorish mode or workmanship, according to the master textbook, “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages.” Yes, the Tartarians (Muurs/ Moors) built all of the Castles and Cathedrals throughout the world, which became College Universities, since Gothic Building is a Moorish style of building.

The Cathedral is built with a Gothic (Moorish/Islamic) type of building and so is Westminster Abbey:

Notice how in the link above that you see on the left-hand side towards the bottom of the page, “In Turner’s Normandy, vol. ii. p. 250, are delineated several sculptural spandrels from Bayeux Cathedral, exhibiting somewhat of the Moorish or Tartarian, mode of workmanship. The word is spelt spaundre in the French Contract for reforming Westminster Hall,” dated 1393. – “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages.” Now, this is a powerful quote coming from a master textbook written by a white author that is recognized. Well, it appears that the Moors built the Castles and Cathedrals throughout Europe.

Okay, so now that we have a number of sources to confirm that the Tartars were Blackamoors: we have the Gothic Architecture, we have the written evidence from authors, and we have the actual paintings of Tartars from that time-period; but what about all of the advanced Tartarian tech? Well…, the so-called Black people invented over 90% of the world’s inventions, so the people with the most inventions are the descendants of the Tartarians:

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