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The Secret History

The secret history of what has been done to African people by white societies: Imagine that greedy, barbaric invaders had broken into a home to rob it of all its natural resources and wealth. Then while leaving the home in ruins, these invaders kidnapped some of the children from the home and enslaved them. Furthermore that they brutally mistreated them for hundreds of years. These invaders, fearing an eventual retribution from the enslaved children, would logically find it necessary to implement systems to ensure that these enslaved children would remain loyal to them, and never hold him accountable for their actions. Because while the invaders, through their military strength can rob and the destroy the children’s home, they cannot win their loyalty, or sustain peace with them for long unless systems are put in place to keep the enslaved children loyal, or to suppress dissent among them. To protect themselves from such retribution, from these enslaved children, the invaders would have to develop ways of controlling them. This would require that the enslaved children be socially engineered, thru miseducation, to think in ways that protects the interests of their enslavers.

This would require that the enslaved children be miseducated about the details surrounding the invasion of the ancestral home. The invaders would have to revamp the facts to hide the true severity of their crimes by telling the enslaved children that they merely rescued from a dilapidated home – where they were unwanted by their parents. The invaders would also miseducate the enslaved children to believe that they were merely sold away. This would cause the enslaved children to perceive their brutal invaders as being rescuers rather than brutal enslavers. It would also cause the enslaved children to develop an undeserving sense of loyalty and appreciation towards their brutal invaders. It would also make them remain compliant with their invaders dominance over their lives. And it would also hinder the enslaved children from demanding from their invaders the debt truly owed to them. This social engineering process is precisely what has been, and continues to be, done to Black people to protect the interests of white societies. If a person is born ignorant, to parents that are ignorant, in a society that is ignorant, lives a life of ignorance, then ignorance becomes the norm. Thus indoctrination can be called education, and lies can be called truth. Because this person never knew the truth-therefore their mind was never their own. Unfortunately this is the case for most we that are the descendants of African slaves, as well as for we colonized Africans living within the continent of Africa. We have been stripped of our true history, and knowledge of self, and have instead been socially engineered to think in ways that benefits the interests of white societies. It’s in fact the most unknown aspect of our African holocaust. THROUGH THIS SOCIAL ENGINEERING PROCESS AFRICANS IN AMERICA HAVE BEEN MISEDUCATED ABOUT SLAVERY: The history taught to Black students have been heavily revised to protect the interests of white societies. The participation of Africans in the African slave trade has therefore been greatly exaggerated to reduce white culpability in the slave trade. White historians depictions of the African slave trade intentionally miseducates African Americans to believe that most of their African ancestors were merely sold away to the white invader. Their depiction of the African Slave trade deliberately hides the brutal massacre of countless of African Warriors that died in battle trying to rescuing their captured love ones. The number of Africans that died in battles fought against the white invaders far exceeded, many times over, the number of any African’s that may have assisted in the slave trade. The hiding of these fierce battles and massacres is deliberately done to perpetuate the falsehood that most African Americans where sold away by their ancestors. However, to believe that the greedy white invaders ( they that bloodily brutalized our ancestors during their enslavement in the U.S.) went into Africa with weaponry advantage [of guns and cannons] but rather than maximizing their profits chosen instead to purchase most of their slaves is absolutely preposterous. Because such a claim totally contradicts 400 years of demonstrated behavior by whites in regards to Black people and making profit. Furthermore, If Africa has all the resources of gold, diamonds, ivory , animal fur, spices and minerals and western money meant nothing in Africa what could the white invaders used to buy MOST of the slaves with? Cleary the majority of slaves were not sold or given to the white invaders. That’s the convenient lie that whites rewrote into history. To believe that story a person has to be totally ignorant of the white race’s history of being brutally greedy. African students attending white controlled schools in Africa are also being miseducated to perceive the historic invasion of Europeans into Africa as being very positive. Whenever your entire history has been taught to you by your former enslavers, and colonizers then everything that you’ve been taught are lies that have been rewritten to favor them. The history taught to Black students is also filled with many lies that intentionally hides the many been great achievements of African civilizations throughout history. White historians cannot teach the true great history of Africa to Black people because to do so they would then have to admit that they interrupted that great history. They also can’t do so because it would also reveal that Europeans have been the most brutalist enemies of Black people throughout history. Furthermore, it would reveal the immense debt that the white world truly owes Africa and its people. So the white ruling elites implemented an elaborate black racially demoralizing psychological warfare program that literally makes millions of African Americans believe that they’re the lucky ones to have been taken away from the backwardness of Africa. This is achieved by constantly inundating African Americans with negative depictions of Africa that are designed to make them ashamed of their African heritage. Within this programming African Americans are being constantly subjected–through the white controlled media–to seeing war-torn, famine-ridden, rampantly illiterate, and disease-stricken images of Africa. They are rarely, if ever, shown the beautiful and wealthy cities in Africa. These deplorable depictions of Africa displaying only its poorest and dangerous communities are in fact designed to embarrass and humiliate African Americans. Moreover, it makes them feel grateful that it was their ancestors that were enslaved and bought to America. They are being subconsciously told that they’re the lucky ones to have been taken away from the backwardness of Africa. An example of this is seen in the falsehood perpetuated by whites that Africa, before the the arrival of the brutal white enslavers, was uncivilized and illiterate and therefore Africa has no written history. This is however, totally untrue. The Timbuktu University (in Mali, Africa) and its library are older than any of those found within the Western world. It was composed of three schools, namely the Masajid of Djinguereber, the Masajid of Sidi Yahya, and the Masajid of Sankore. During the 12th century, the university had an enrollment of around 25,000 students from Africa. In Timbuktu, there are about 700,000 surviving books. They are written in Mande, Suqi, Fulani, Timbuctu, and Sudani. The contents of the manuscripts include math, medicine, poetry, law and astronomy. This work was the first encyclopedia in the 14th century before the Europeans got the idea later in the 18th century, 4 centuries later. The false derogatory narrative that Africans were illiterate and uncivilized before the arrival of whites is a necessary lie in order for Europeans to maintain their psychological dominance over Africans. For oppressors to maintain their dominance over the oppressed they must keep the oppressed to believing that they are inferior to their oppressors. This ongoing racial demoralization of Black people is the true reason why the white establishment won’t acknowledge that the ancient Egyptians were Black even in the face of a preponderance of evidence. For although Egypt is a country thousands of miles deep well within the African continent, and although all of its Pyramids, and the Great Sphinx, were built by Africans thousands of years long before the first Arabs arrived there in the 7th century, and although the tombs are filled with countless of evidence that the ancient Egyptians were Black [including murals and Black mummies containing African DNA], white scholars refuses to acknowledge that the ancient Egyptians were Black. The white elite’s unrelentingly commitment to maintaining their psychological dominance over the Black world, necessitate that they never acknowledged it publicly that the ancient Egyptians were indeed Black–nor will they acknowledge any other significants historical contribution made by Africans either for that matter. It is a black racially demoralizing psychological warfare program. The white educational system’s failure to adequately provide Black students with a racially affirming curriculum as its does for White students is also intentionally being done. This miseducation through demoralization is actually an essential factor necessary for maintaining white dominance. Because for a ruling class to maintain its position of social dominance over its oppressed population, they must condition the oppressed from a very early age to accept their subordinate status and to adhere to the authority of the dominant society. To do so, the education given to the oppressed population from the time that they are youths must be the type that denies them a racially and culturally affirming education. When the oppressed population is denied a fully racially and culturally affirming education, even the brightest among them may have little, if any, hope of mentally extracting themselves from their assigned low, dominated position in life. This is precisely what’s being done to Black students within white governed schools. You see white societies cannot teach the true great history of Africa to Black people and continue their oppression of them. Because when a people are taught of their true greatness they no longer accept their oppression. The rise of their collective self images and self esteem causes them to fight against their oppression. Therefore, for oppressors to maintain their dominance over the oppressed they must keep the oppressed to believing lesser of themselves. BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALSO BEING CONTROLLED BY DEMORALIZING MEDIA PROGRAMMING Although this demoralization of Black people first begins within the white governed schools that we attend- from the time that our mind’s are very young and most impressionable– it’s continued throughout our entire lives through media social engineering. Throughout western history oppressors have always subdued and controlled the oppressed by heavily demoralizing them. Because the damage that self-loathing creates makes people easier to control. Oppressors have used this tactic, to imprison the minds of the oppressed, for centuries. This tactic is presently what’s being done to Black people by white societies. It’s no strange coincidence that countless numbers of Black people are now self hating, self doubting, perceives themselves as being their own worst enemies, and thinks favorable of whites in spite of a brutal history to the contrary. These perceptions, that clearly benefits white society, have been shrewdly indoctrinated into the minds of many Black people without them even realizing it. It is the deliberate result of white social engineering of Black minds through the usage of media propaganda. Presently there are white social engineering scientist and propaganda experts that works behind the scenes manipulating the perceptions and opinions of the Black masses according to the will of the ruling white elites. These men govern our minds, molds our opinions of the world, and of ourselves through the societal information they routinely present to us. People are easily controlled by the information they routinely receive about themselves. When people routinely receive positive affirming information about themselves this unifies and uplifts them. However, when people routinely receives negative demoralizing information about themselves, this makes them self hating, self doubting and divides them. It also makes them more compliant with their oppressor’s dominance over their lives. This demoralizing conditioning process is what’s being done to Black populations by white societies. The white media’s unrelenting negative depictions of Black people– that amplifies the negative to the point that it distort reality– is much more than just bias media reporting. It is actually a black racially demoralizing psychological warfare program. Because whites controls all black statistics, national narratives, and even how the black image is depicted with the media these factors allows white social engineering scientist to negatively control what Black people believes about themselves. More specifically this allows them to shrewdly indoctrinate self contemptuous thoughts and ideologies into the collective minds of Black populations that serves and protects the interests of their white dominant society. The basis of this concept of warfare works by affecting the subconscious minds of the Black population through demoralizing propaganda. Its weapon is the demoralizing message that it carries and the way that it adversely affects the Black population in terms of their behavior. This system is deplored like a massive media marketing campaign that constantly subjects Black people to seeing only the fraudulent worst within themselves. Within this system fraudulent black racially demoralizing information is pumped unrelentingly into the unsuspecting minds of Black populations–without being challenged or counterbalanced by an equal amount Black positive racially affirming information. With time, being unable to refute nor confirm the constant negative messages and deficiencies about themselves, the Black population grows weary by them, and will eventually comes to accept these negative assessments of themselves. The taunting unconsciously influences how the Black population perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become embarrassed of themselves, doubting themselves, hating themselves and, eventually, fighting among themselves. This warfare works by tapping into the immense power that shame has upon the human mind. This media programming system also conveys the subliminal message that Black people are there own worst enemy and therefore needs whites to govern over their lives. Moreover, that Black people should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. This system is extremely effective because when Black people are repetitively presented narratives and statistics from trusted white sources constantly conveying the message that whites are superior, and that they (Black people) are their own worst enemies it can be very difficult to resist it’s implied propaganda programming. Especially when the propaganda is being told daily and so unrelentingly. This programming turns the collective frustrations and aggressions of Black people away from their white oppressors and turns them inward towards themselves. It also makes Black people more compliant white dominance over their lives. It doesn’t matter if the information presented is untrue most Black people will act upon it because they have all been given the same misinformation about themselves. This psychological warfare system leads to Social Inversion. If the Black individual could be convinced to think the worst their group, the internalization of that negative perspective will cause the individual to think the worst of themselves, which leads the individual to subsequently wanting to change in order to separate themselves from the identity of their associated group. In short, propaganda is mental slavery. Those Black people that do not think critically–and question the validity of all information being constantly fed into their minds from entirely white sources–never notices what is being done to them. This is all possible because people are like a computers, all you have to do is keep giving them certain information every so often and you can persuade an entire generation towards an implied objective. Because the ruling white elites controls all Black statistics, national narratives, and even how Black people are depicted within the media these factors allows them to easily negatively control how Black people perceive themselves. When the past blatant racist systems, used for maintaining white dominance, became no longer socially unacceptable the ruling white elites secretly implemented this much more covert method for maintaining their white dominance. It is a method better suited for modern times. This system provides the white elite with a proficient method of control over Blacks given that it isn’t easily recognized nor comprehended by many of its Black victims. For unlike the past blatant racist systems that Black people were easily able to identify and therefore develop counter strategies against, this system is not easily recognized nor comprehended by many of its Black victims. This psychological warfare program works so well in fact that it not only makes Black people more compliant with white dominance over their lives, it in fact makes many even prefer it.It is at the root of both the profound division and self hatred now afflicting so many Black people and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess. “The oppressed will always believe the worse about themselves” –Franz Fanon There is an immense fear of Black retribution that secretly exist among those white nations that benefited historically, and continues to do so presently, through their exploitation and mistreatment of Africa and its people globally. To protect themselves from Black retribution they have socially engineered millions of Black people to think in ways that protects and serves the interests of white societies. The ruling white elites implemented the world’s most elaborate psychological warfare program in history against Black people. By Franklin Jones, the Black Matrix. WAKE UP!, wake up!!! This article is from the book the Black Matrix by Franklin Jones. The Black Matrix Learn more at or visit the FaceBook page entitled The Black Matrix: Perception Management Program Designed to Control Black People.

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