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the royal black elite of the UK

The history of Blacks, the first people, did not start with the enslavement of Blacks in 1441 by their own Black European brethren, who were the noble and bourgeois elite of Europe. The Nobles and Bourgeoisie were like two equally brown and black complexioned European tribes fighting for power. All of history is about brown and black complexioned people. Whites never, ever founded any civilization. Blacks civilized and Christianized the pagan hell out of whites in Europe. Among the nobles and bourgeois those with classical African facial traits were considered pure of blood. The nobility self-identified as Black by means of little heraldic Moors. The heraldic Moors in western art are symbols of blue blood and Black Superiority. They are usually not real persons, nor god forbid slaves: they are imaginary figures created by the painter as a symbol. The clever painters even did not need to have a Black person in front of them to whip up a magnificently dressed little or big Moor. The painted portraits are no instamatic snapshots, they are artificial and loaded with symbolism. Though some real life nobles, kings and emperors like Charles V Hapsburg or Leopold I Hapsburg, fully resembled these imaginary Moors in looks. So even if they were depicted white in concept, and loved the folly of painting up themselves white and bleaching their skins in real life: they identified as Black, as coming from Africa. And they saw themselves as superior over whites and the bourgeois castes. But we do not know this, and some find it almost impossible to believe because we have been deceived since 1848 with fake, whitened over paints of people who were described as black, brown, the black boy, more brown then white, swarthy, bad complexion, not the white hands, chimney sweeper, black as chimney, the black prince, black tom, ugly, etc. When you enter a museum the people who speak to you lie through their teeth. The paintings are over paints, often completely vandalized master pieces. And they write thick important ‘scientific’ books about this falsified data, that hides the true complexion of the ancient regime. The whites were considered shoe leather, until the invention of human races to elevate these whites to human level. The historical Declaration of Human Rights was on their behalf; the white serfs were asking to be regarded as humans by their brown and black skinned nobles. In this way the bourgeois philosophers of the Enlightenment forged a coalition between whites who were the majority and the bourgeois, who in defiance of the nobility identified themselves as Caucasians, or black Caucasians; to defeat the hated nobility. When they finally succeeded, the newly emancipated whites set out to rewrite history, extirpate their oppressors from history, and retouched all the faces of the hated ancient regime. Now, even as we speak, the whites keep this secret from us. But no more, I’m onto their little game, that I, with your help en blessing, will stop right now. Go to your museum and ask for a tour with magnifying goggles and demand to be shown the facial retouches, and next write to your city council about this scandalous falsehood perpetrated on Blacks. I have discovered a source of miscommunication between Americans and others as the State of American still believes in the unscientific concept of human races, assigning a race to every citizen. And in the US the North Africans, no matter of what complexion, are considered whites. We have all seen the Libyans and Egyptians marching on TV and we should decide for ourselves if they are white. Do they have a white identity? As the bourgeois and republican inspired, revolutionary leadership identified as white, though brown and black of complexion, Americans do not realize that the American Founding Fathers were far from lily-white of complexion. Greetings to you all and Best Wishes for 2013, the year of our deliverance. Egmond Codfried Suriname Blue Blood Is Black Blood Museum At The Hague read the part bout the declaration of human rights now we know egmond codfriedJanuary 12, 2012 at 4:39 PM UPDATE: BLUE BLOOD IS BLACK BLOOD (1100-1848) The research question was: why do white’s hate and fear Blacks so much? What did Blacks do to whites to make them so hateful? When did they do these things to whites? Why can’t one discuss these matters with whites? I’m not claiming that whites are bad people and Blacks good. Instead I have found that whites hate and fear blacks because they were despotically ruled by a black and brown complexioned European elite, which identified as Black. Blue blood is Black blood (1100-1848). Racism and eurocentrism then becomes a liberation ideology to free whites from Black rule in Europe, and prevent this from occurring again. The reason why this sounds very strange is because whites have rewritten history since they were emancipated in 1848. They have turned history white. The whites today are descendents of the European Serfs. During the period 1100-1848 there was trade in human leather in Europe, and it were most likely that the Serfs who were flayed, and their skins used to bind books, make clothing and make shoes. The Serfs, the whites; were considered less then human, and Human Races were invented to give them human status since 1760. The Nobility in Europe started with black and brown complexioned native Europeans, who were descendents of the first Europeans who entered Europe 45.000 years ago. The whites came 6000 years ago from Central Asia. During the medieval era black and brown Europeans were called blue men. A poem describes Saracens as: blue and black as molten lead. Blue was a euphemism for black. Egmond CodfriedDecember 10, 2009 at 4:46 PM Dear friends, I’m happy to see that more people are putting up my theory blue blood is black blood (1500-1789) on their website. Sadly enough I have noticed that whites, any white person, will respond with blind panic, irrationality and ridicule if I try to explain these matters to them. Perhaps they are even in fear off each other and do not want to be labelled ‘nigger lover.’ Who knows? Yet I believe they deserve some consideration as they were dominated by blacks, so they were taught to fear blacks. This fear is instilled through education, media, movies, anything. The indoctrination is so strong and pervasive that other coloureds and even blacks are affected. To change this we have to combat the religious believe called white supremacy. The idea is that whites because of their colour are better, have better intelligence, better moral values, less likely to make a mess of some undertaking, more honest, more considered, less violent, better in looks etc. This fallacy can easily be deconstructed by realizing that whites came out of blacks. Whites are descendents of albino’s as both lack the ability to produce melanin and some are still very white and immediately burn in the sun, while others are mixed with darker phenotypes and are able to tan. Human albinism is more then the classical albino with red eyes. There are albino variations which in description sound like what we consider normal whites with darker hair, darker eyes and the ability to tan. Albinism is hereditary. There seems to be a need to medicalise albinism while they are normal, functioning people who just need to take some precautions before they venture out in the sun. Believe it or not, blacks were described in the 19th century as riddled with diseases and their extinction was eminent. Whites do this today against albino’s and recent this obvious comparison. They respond with some strange Wikipedia science saying that blacks slowly turned white in a mysterious process, about 6000 years ago. That’s actually when the whites left central Asia and settled in Europe, where they met the first Europeans, who were black and coloured. While in the whole of nature every white life form comes from albinism. We have white roses and dark roses, white mice and grey mice, white cat and black cat and white gorilla and black gorilla. Yet we do not consider a white cat as defect or sick or put a higher or lower value on white cats, white dogs, white roses or white squirrels. White and black in regard to humans are political terms to divide and to oppress. I feel that the first step needed is to eradicate white supremacy by showing every black person images of albinism among flowers, animals, primates and humans. Whites came out of blacks and are in no way superior. If they appear superior there must be other machinations in play. Like white supremacy is based on whitened, fake over painted portraits of a European elite which was described as black and coloured. Moors are classical Africans found in Western art. I would like to advice blacks to come away from discussions about the Spanish Mores because this confuses the matter. The Arab Moors encountered black, coloured and white Europeans. The cultured black, noble and royal Europeans made Europe what it is today, but became cruel and despotic. This resulted in the French Revolution. Blacks abducted and held other blacks in slavery, and there are still blacks today who collaborate to keep other blacks down…/Crests/Crests_2.htm

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