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the red cross

The International Red Cross (red cross, the Templar/Phoenician symbol) have been caught supplying arms to the Tamil Rebels in Sri Lanka and the Zapatista rebels in Mexico.55 The Red Cross, as I document in .. And The Truth, is a front for the Brotherhood, although its genuine employees and volunteers have no knowledge of this. You don’t need an intelligence test to know why Elizabeth Dole, the wife of Bob Dole, is head of the Red Cross in America. Other apparently genuine organizations like Oxfam and Amnesty International are also used for Brotherhood manipulation. Afghan Aid UK was a vehicle through which the Mujahideen terrorists were organized and deployed to trigger the war in Afghanistan.56 It was headed by Viscount Cranborne (Robert Cecil). The Cecil family are one of the oldest Black Nobility bloodlines in Britain and were most active in the time of Cecil Rhodes. Robert Cecil’s great-great-grandfather was the Third Marquess of Salisbury, the prime minister who helped to manipulate the outbreak of the First World War. Another intelligence operative involved in the creation of the Afghanistan war was Lord Bethell, the Lord in Waiting to the Queen, who ran Radio Free Kabul.57

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