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the real reason

We accidentally created the White man, which has now become our burden, so it’s not an unfair analogy to compare the white man to a child, and if we can use that analogy, it’s because compared to the Afrikan man, the white man is chronologically a teenager. Afrikans sapiens sapiens have been on this planet for more than 900,000 years, while the Neanderthal White Sapiens have only been here for 6,000 years (University of Copenhagen) and although the white man himself has been able to accomplish great things , it is sad to see that the latter does not respect Mother Nature or her parents who are Afrikans, on the contrary, he kills for sport, for pleasure or malicious intent, and for all these reasons, he thought that we were the same, which is why he used Deception associated with brainwashing through religious education to transform us into his Image. For those who have become amnesiac or who will shout racism, just ask the Olmek Descendant native of the Americas, how the white man shot at the Bisons from the windows of their train, while laughing and taking bets on the one who could kill the most, which in just a few years deliberately led to its extinction and he did that, knowing that the Natives depended on it to live, and then when he killed all the Buffaloes, it was then easier for him to capture all the hungry Humans still alive to place them in reserves. But for those who still doubt or will cry Lies, then ask any indigenous people on the planet, and you will see that they will tell you all, that he lies, that he cheats, that he steals to make their way and that they themselves have also lived the same thing. That is why we say that the white man is our burden, however, he will come soon the day, where we will have to teach him to face his responsibilities but for that, he will have to be ready to learn

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