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The real Nordic gods were Black

Black MAN plays a Nordic God? Is this Historically Accurate? A Resounding YES! ahhhhh at last. The Gods of the North are indeed Melenated Beings. Old Irish Celtic lore, which is where I must turn to as much of the information relating to these early habitants has been concealed here in the Northern Lands (Scandinavia). Additional information can be found in the Icelandic Sagas, and depicts the family history of those commonly misnomered Vikings, which were in fact the descendents of the gods. It is through these ancient celtic stories that are found remnants of the primal memories of these Beings which gave birth to many of humanity’s diverse mythologies. These Beings are later revered as Gods; and in the True History of the Northern Lands these gods were “Black”. Someone wrote a Message Board: “I was happening upon a New age website today,and it mentioned that someone of this website was of the “Elder Race” and was in tune With Gaia. After that encounter, I went on Wikipedia, and it mentioned some made up race (something to do With fantasy books). Could anybody enlighten me a bit?” The response was: “When I read the title “Elder Race”, the first thing that came to my mind is the race of being created by August Derlith (H.P. Lovecraft’s friend and publisher) to help the human race combat the Great Old Ones when they return to reclaim Earth.”

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