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the real napoleon

THE REAL NAPOLEON—by Antoine-Jean Gros, 1797 According to studies by Gèrard Lucotte and his coauthors based on DNA research since 2011, Napoleon Bonaparte belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34*) This haplogroup, rare in Europe, has its highest concentration in Ethiopia and Somalia… “The said NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, alias Jaffa Bonaparte, alias Opium Bonaparte, alias Whitworth Bonaparte, alias Acre Bonaparte, is a Corsican by birth, about five feet four inches in height, of a SWARTHY BLACK complexion”

SOURCE; (Harold Felix Baker Wheeler, Alexander Meyrick Broadley; ‘Napoleon and the Invasion of England: The Story of the Great Terror · Volume 2’; 1908)

The word Swarthy or Swart derives from ‘Schwarz’ or ‘Schwartz’ which means “to be black; black man, and negro

SOURCE; (Flügel-Schmidt-Tanger, a Dictionary of the English and German Languages for Home and School; 1905) The REAL portrait of Napoleon is now titled “Head of a Negro” It was painted by Jean Antoine Gros in 1797...

Jean Antoine Gros was a French painter... When anti-French rioting made his stay there unsafe, he led a migratory life in northern Italy, painting portraits for a living... In 1797 he encountered Josephine Bonaparte in Genoa... Pleased with the handsome young artist, she took him to Milan to introduce him to her husband, then engaged in his victorious campaign against Austria... Gros became a member of Napoleon’s court and with Josephine's help persuaded Napoleon to sit for this portrait... Please note; In the arts, Idealism encourages imagination and attempts to realize a mental conception of beauty, a standard of perfection, juxtaposed to naturalism and realism. In painting, idealism refers to the tradition of creating a "perfect" figure - one with a “goodlooking” face, “perfect” hair, a “good” body shape and no outward blemishes of any kind, rarely if ever painted or drawn from life... Essentially, it’s an "artificial" style of painting, that bears no resemblance to naturalism (caricature) A surprising number of people, do not understand that Museum Art, Movies, and Television, reflect what is called "Artistic license" It is a colloquial term, or euphemism, used to denote the DISTORTION OF FACT... Beginning during the 19th century and even earlier, Caucasian artists took to depicting historical people, as they hoped or imagined them to look... And in doing so, they made EVERYONE White, but that is not reality...

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