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The Real John Brown

THE REAL JOHN BROWN—Seminole Chief “In 1880 MacCauley says “the white half-breed does not exist among the Florida Seminoles…the birth of a white half-breed would be followed by the death of the Indian mother at the hands of her own people”“Creel in his 1911 report repeats that no infusion of white blood is tolerated”SOURCE;(United States Congressional Serial SetIssue 9347; 1931)Thus, a so called white half breed Seminole Chief has never existed in

the history of the world…John Frippo Brown (October 23, 1842 – October 21, 1919) was a Confederate States Army officer during the American Civil War…He was elected by the tribal council as the last principal chief of the Seminole Nation, serving 1885–1901 and 1905–1906…John Brown was born into the Tiger Clan of his Seminole mother, Lucy Nancy Greybeard, on October 23, 1842, near Fort Gibson, Oklahoma…He was of mixed race and was the eldest child of seven; their father was Dr. John Frippo Brown, Sr., a so called black physician from Scotland…He had six siblings, including Alice Brown Davis, who in 1922 was appointed as the Seminoles’ first woman chief…A brother was Andrew Jackson Brown, who later served the tribe as treasurer…They were raised in both their parents’ cultures but lived among and identified as Seminole…Brown served in the Confederate Army as an officer under the Seminole chief John Jumper…He represented the Seminole Nation in postwar negotiations as a Southern Treaty Commission Delegate and signed the Reconstruction Treaty of 1866..

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